Macro Implications, as Silver Takes Leadership From Gold

Since we noted the initial move to break the 200 day moving average – and at least temporarily break the downtrend on August 27th – the Silver/Gold ratio (SLV/GLD) has held its breakout, looking to close the week and the month of August on a signal that we have long anticipated. Okay, but the monthly chart of the Silver/Gold ratio makes abundantly clear that nothing … Continue reading Macro Implications, as Silver Takes Leadership From Gold

The Most Boring Company in the World? Err, Not So Much Now

Back on June 19th we had an NFTRH+ update on Campbell Soup (CPB). In it we noted that it was grinding out a trend change. So many times did this goofy consumer staple then go on to test and grind the SMA 50 and so many times did I just ignore and hold it as long as the trend remained up. Today? Something is spiking … Continue reading The Most Boring Company in the World? Err, Not So Much Now

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NFTRH+; a ‘Best of Breed’ Stock Hits a Buy Area

You may or may not be interested in the bombed out Pot sector, but CWBHF (CWEB.TO) is a related company (CBD/Hemp products) that has had the best chart of the bunch and a favorable (as in “best of breed”) fundamental view from my friend Fred Lacey. Hence, as it dropped to the SMA 200 I added more shares and thought that rather than having only … Continue reading NFTRH+; a ‘Best of Breed’ Stock Hits a Buy Area


NFTRH; Status of Gold, Silver & HUI

Time for a checkup on the rally starting with silver, which is trying to take over leadership, per the futures charts below. Please click for clearer views. The best target for this rally has been around 18.70. It’s super bullish but overbought by its distance from the daily chart’s SMA 50. The weekly chart expands the view. While I believe that this rally is going … Continue reading NFTRH; Status of Gold, Silver & HUI

Gold vs…

Time for another installment of Gold vs., as we review the counter-cyclical metal vs. it’s cyclical counterparts using ETFs. But first, the gold price vs. the silver price is closing the day in breakdown mode, and that is the first inkling that the world may not be ending, but changing. GLD/SLV is breaking down, as implied by this morning’s Silver/Gold ratio post. GLD/SPY looks to … Continue reading Gold vs…

Silver/Gold Ratio Gets on its Horse

As if its ears were burning when I mentioned it in the previous post, the Silver/Gold ratio hopped on and is starting to ride this morning. Now, the questions are… Will this moving average breakout stick this time? Will Copper and other inflation beneficiaries make final washouts first? In the markets, things don’t tend to happen on large scales in real time to our analysis. … Continue reading Silver/Gold Ratio Gets on its Horse

3 Metallic Amigos… Au, Ag & Cu

The 3 metals that I think will most inform the coming macro are shown here on weekly futures charts (click the charts for a fuller, clearer view). Silver took out resistance yesterday and now targets 18.67. More than that, it is time to watch the Silver/Gold ratio because folks, that’s a macro gauge to the coming inflation. Gold continues to press into the resistance zone … Continue reading 3 Metallic Amigos… Au, Ag & Cu

Don’t Let Them Bug You

While away in NYC this weekend attending the parents’ part of orientation at my daughter’s new school I had the time and inclination (not usually the case) in my spare time to look around and actually read at length the major and minor financial media to get the tenor of things. Yeah, there is perma Trump/China noise and a volatile market to go with it. … Continue reading Don’t Let Them Bug You

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NFTRH Interim Report

Opening Notes As advised on Sunday this week’s report will be abbreviated due to travel plans and we’ll be back to our regular programming next week with NFTRH 566. I continue to keep carts behind horses with respect to the US stock market, which with some negative sector divergences and weak internals remains in its long-term uptrend. Also of note, the SEMI→Tech→S&P 500 leadership chain … Continue reading NFTRH Interim Report

Micromanaging the SPX Daily Chart

As far as broad stocks go I am well-biased long this market. But I do hold 3 sector shorts and the SPX short fund SPXS, which was reduced yesterday along with a short on gold because I find I may be over complicating things with too many positions working off/against each other. Aside from one casino patron possibly overthinking some things in-week, let’s quiet things … Continue reading Micromanaging the SPX Daily Chart