WPM: Profit Reluctantly but Gratefully Taken

When I bought (per the NFTRH Trade Log and weekly reports) this so many months ago I knew it was at a technical buy point and more generally, that I wanted to own it as a solid precious metals royalty play. But I did not know we’d be staring at the the 2016 high this soon. While WPM could go a little higher to create the desired higher right side of its admittedly sloppy Cup, any coming Handle consolidation is what I’d like to buy.

Sure it could just keep going, but I am forcing myself not to be a pig and to take enough well earned profits in gold and silver stocks. So as a human I take the profit and feel sad somehow. But as a market manager I have patience and try to have foresight. Buying opportunities will come in this and so many others and we’ll be ready to chart the process in NFTRH each week so as to be ready when technicals and fundamentals combine to advise the next low risk signal (back in Q4 2018 and again in H1 2019 risk was low as the fundamentals married technical support levels for the sector).

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