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With no newsletter fluff (or agenda) Notes From the Rabbit Hole is real ‘top-down’, forward-looking analysis that works for real investors

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  • A comprehensive weekly report covering all major markets
  • A top-down approach based on macro research
  • In-week NFTRH+ market updates as events dictate
  • NFTRH+ trade setup ideas and dynamic updates during the trading week
  • Trade Log and in-day notes documenting trades as they are made, with brief notes
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“Gary, Before NFTRH I used to feel a bit like Agent Starling in Buffalo Bill’s basement after the lights went out. Thanks for turning on the lights.” -John M

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Macro Fundamental & Technical Coverage of Precious Metals, Commodities, Stock Markets, Bonds, Currencies & Individual Equities

With a global view…

…and effective Risk Management every step of the way


A combination technical, macro-fundamental and stock selection service, NFTRH is an unbiased, comprehensive and effective Market Management package that has kept institutional and individual Investors ahead of the curve and the markets since 2008; all at one low price for a “best of breed” value among its peers.

Gary Tanashian has developed, refined and employed a unique brand of technical analysis (TA is more art than science) since 1998 and used macro-fundamental indicators (especially inter-market indicators) since 2002. To say our methods have been back tested and battle tested is an understatement.

The most comprehensive market management service of its kind.  Our subscribers include institutional traders, financial advisers, newsletter writers and private investors alike

“Go for it Gary… you are good, a great read and you have a unique voice so count me in.” –Jonathan Auerbach (Managing Director, Auerbach Grayson, NYC) 9.25.08 [ed: NFTRH’s self-described “charter subscriber”, now sadly passed on]

“Xxxxxxx [newsletter writer’s name omitted] is not even in the same galaxy as you. Bob Hoye I like, though. Don’t change a thing Gary – you’re the best of breed.” –Frederick L, Equities Analyst 5.30.15

“I seriously can’t think of anyone out there who has handled this entire market backdrop better than you. Your interpretation of the TA has been extraordinary.” –Joe F, former Hedge Fund Trader 10.2.14

“As a technician, I feel that there are few analysts that offer value for me, but you do. Your work on Gold ratios has helped my analysis greatly.” –Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT ( 4.9.10

“Keep up the good work. I really like your chart-based presentational style – rich information with not too many words.” –Andrew C 2.10.14

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The Service

  • Detailed weekly report with TA & discussion, including updates of stock selections
  • Trade/investment ideas when low risk setups are present
  • ‘In-week’ updates on key markets, ETFs, trade setups, etc.
  • Hands-on customer service always just an email, or upon request, phone call away


  • Standard Technical Analysis +
  • Inter-Market Ratio TA +
  • Economic Data Analysis +
  • Sentiment Analysis +
  • Contrarian Discipline +
  • ‘Top-Down’ Macro Perspective +
  • Risk Management
  • Emotion =
  • Positive Long-term Performance

NFTRH employs a ‘Top-Down’ approach to market analysis, with the belief that once we get the macro right, stock, ETF, fund and asset picking is the relatively easy part.

NFTRH does not predict trends, but in using non-traditional market ratio analysis and more traditional technical analysis it is consistently among the first to identify and capitalize on new trends, as the herd goes the other way.

If you seek a rational, grounded and consistent approach to managing the financial markets that is in tune with short, intermediate and long-term trends, subscribe to the value of NFTRH.

NFTRH Vitals

After subscription a welcome email is sent, which includes the current NFTRH report and all the information required for using the service. Please white list gary @ and nftrh1 @ and gary @ (remove spaces before & after ‘@’) to ensure delivery.

A Weekly report is emailed in PDF format by Sunday afternoon US Eastern time at the latest.

Interim in-week updates as events dictate. These focus on significant market events and technical status, strategies, probabilities discussion and individual trade ideas (NFTRH+).

Monthly billing of $38.00 (USD) by PayPal or credit card. Monthly billing allows a subscriber to easily cancel at any time without further commitment and lets me know that current subscribers perceive good value their ongoing subscription.

Yearly Billing option of $390 (USD), which is a savings of 14% off of the monthly price. The yearly option is not refundable, so please consider the monthly option if you have any doubts about becoming a longer-term subscriber. This option is available by PayPal, credit card or as a one time payment by Venmo, Zelle, bank wire or personal check (USD).

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I answer emails in as timely a manner as possible. I realize that NFTRH subscribers are my clients and I value each for their viewpoints and perspectives. If there is ever anything you are unclear on, or simply would like further comment, just pop me an email or use the ‘Contact’ form linked above.

Personal Philosophy

I do not take the responsibility of providing market analysis to readers lightly. In fact I take it is an awesome responsibility and will do my best to provide you with a quality product and an open-minded viewpoint. NFTRH provides ‘out of the box’ analysis in service unbiased market management.

I thank you for having the trust and confidence in me to take the next step.

NFTRH debuts in September, 2008

After years of successfully navigating financial markets in both bullish and bearish modes (generally with a 2X broad market out-performance), while providing grounded commentary and analysis (at and many other sites) that has consistently been on the right side of the market, I am pleased to present the weekly market report Notes From the Rabbit Hole (NFTRH). The service is geared toward seasoned investors and traders as well as less experienced, but serious investors in the learning stages.  I have been told there is an educational aspect to the service.

The name of the service implies a view from a different perspective which, in my case began to take hold in 2002 and intensified through the 2005 time frame as I walked a balance between the knowledge that something was very wrong with the financial system and an awareness that the bear case is often not the proper response to it.

Just as I am weary of over-bullish hype in good times, I seek to remain calm and free of panic in crisis. This means taking the cards that are dealt and making the best hand possible with a comfort level in analyzing the ongoing interplay between inflation and deflation dynamics that is at the heart of boom and bust cycles.

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