NFTRH is...

check2A ‘top down’ guide to the markets that you can set your watch by each week in its dedication to providing up-to-the-minute, unbiased evidence and probabilities based market research and strategy.

check2A service that assumes you, dear subscriber, have at least a basic grounding in investment or trading and do not need to be told exactly what to do with the analysis (though our door is always open for questions, comments and suggestions).

check2A provider of specific investment/trade themes in line with the analysis.  We also provide risk tolerance parameters to these ideas.  The rest is your responsibility. 

NFTRH is not…

xA personal trading coach.  I have enough of a challenge keeping my own trading in line.  I do not flaunt my stock or ETF picks as if they are the product of genius.  If you want a trading or stock pick guru, you will not find one here.

xA promoter or sponsor of any particular market or ideology, and that includes gold (which I personally think of as real monetary value).  There is a time to engage in certain markets and a time to step aside (or short, if so inclined).

xYou!  I cannot possibly know what is right for another individual’s specific situation so please do not ask me to operate as if I do.  Please leave aside any effects of previous ideological associations you may have had with others.  If you are married to a particular point of view, no questions asked, you may become frustrated with the NFTRH modus operandi.