Help requested regarding website comments [w/ edit]

[edit] Looks like it’s working fine. Comments coming through with no issues, including one by the gentlemen who had trouble earlier. Thank you for your help! Hi folks, If you’ve got a moment please consider popping me a note as a comment to this post. I enabled comments back in March to gain input on a planned Podcast (still in the works as Scott and … Continue reading Help requested regarding website comments [w/ edit]

Admin note…

I’ve come across an issue whereby some comments by readers come through and others just go to outer space, never to be seen again. Checking with WordPress support it appears that the issue is with the site’s shall we say ‘mature’ theme. i.e. it has outlived its viability in the modern world. I love the theme, but it’s getting time to move on. So I … Continue reading Admin note…

Happy Festivus

I’ve got a lot of problems with you people. Now… you’re gonna hear about it! Actually, I’ve got no problems with you people. I thank you for another year putting up with some of my overly talky charts, the 3 Stooges, Outer Limits and Wizard of Oz shticks, and my less than kind treatment of certain personalities that you may or may not feel the … Continue reading Happy Festivus

Happy Memorial Day

Remembering Grampy, Stoughton Atwood (WWII), my father, Jack (Korea), uncle Ray (Vietnam) and all those who have served our formerly united states. Here is Grampy’s uniform, which near-tragically somehow ended up on eBay but was thankfully bid on and purchased by a high ranking Naval officer for safe keeping. We found it and compensated him for his cost and here rests Grampy’s uniform until it … Continue reading Happy Memorial Day

US Firearm Background Checks Accelerating

From the FBI Website, US Firearm Background Checks Accelerate It’s no real surprise, given the flashpoints we’ve endured in this country over the last several months and the January 6th climax. But look at how Americans are gobbling up those LtCs. I am not sure if this is data on first time gun owners or including people like me who have to renew every 5 … Continue reading US Firearm Background Checks Accelerating

Hitting the Road

After an eventful week I am hitting the road today. I’ve already begun NFTRH 637 and it will be in abbreviated form, which is working really well because I want to continue the theme of looking ahead at the warning signs. We already know about the bullish internals, the contrary bearish sentiment, the stock speculations, miner technicals and whatever else have you. It is time … Continue reading Hitting the Road

Attn: Anyone who has used the contact form over the last month

It appears there was a problem with the ‘contact’ email as I did not receive many emails. It’s very strange because it happened at two different email accounts where emails were sent to spam instead of my inboxes. I’ve tried to reply to all emails. If I missed any please hit me up again. Anyway, I am aware of the issue now and working on … Continue reading Attn: Anyone who has used the contact form over the last month


I got a lotta problems with you people!… Happy Festivus

You, Trump supports. He lost, and he’s a lunatic. Get over it. You, Green New Dealers and far left ideologues… don’t even think about going overboard or you’ll automatically install a new Republican sycophant like Ted Cruz or worse, re-install Trump himself. You Republican party, grow a set and get it together by 2024. You, 2020. Go fuck yourself. You in particular, COVID-19. See directly … Continue reading I got a lotta problems with you people!… Happy Festivus