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[edit] Well, I just fixed one strange issue I was having on the back end by resetting something that I had changed in the Jetpack dashboard. No clue if this is related to the issue noted below, but it has me breathing a teeny bit easier.

The issue with with posts received automatically by email is ongoing. Yesterday’s post about this issue will link to the post when you click the post title, but will link to the website’s front page when you click ‘Read more…’.

I’ve noticed a couple other oddities on the site’s back end and one reader notes that ‘Jetpack’ is giving some sort of security message. Jetpack is part of WordPress and the website’s security is not in question. But there is a bug in the works. It may have been due to a recent upgrade, as fellow WP user Tim Knight (Slope of Hope) told me that he’s had issues since the most recent WP update.

I am going to contact them by email, as their customer support engineers are on some kind of retreat to brainstorm new concepts or whatever. Great job, guys! Usually support is available live. So it may take a bit. If something goes tragically wrong (not expected) in the meantime NFTRH subscribers please note that the service would shift to email delivery of PDF reports and in-week updates, with no use of the website until things are resolved.



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  1. Anonymous

    If you go to COMMENT it takes you where you need to go

  2. Anonymous

    Yep, as previously posted just hit COMMENT and scroll up to the start of the post.

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