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I’ve had a couple of people tell me that email recipients are receiving posts that link to the front page of the website rather than the post itself.

It is obviously an issue that has cropped up with WordPress. Complicating matters is that WP has no live support available for a couple of weeks due to a yearly event of some kind that their engineers are attending. Frankly, WP is springing a couple other leaks that I’ve noticed on my end and I need to find out what the problem is.

But for the purposes of this post, I’ll note that if you click on the post title (green arrow) you should be redirected to the post and if you click on the ‘read more’ link (red) you’ll be directed to the website’s front page.

Strange stuff, but we’ll get it straightened out. Meanwhile, click the post title.


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  1. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, it happened to this post also!

    I solved the problem when it happened to me this morning by just going to the link on your website that says BLOG.

  2. Anonymous

    Unable to read your email as it goes staight to the Mission Statement.

  3. Anonymous

    Stiil the same with this post:getting the front page.

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