Gary 1, Yellow Jackets 0

3 Yellow Jacket stings later, I live and breathe to fight another day (and get the lawn done another day). I am mortally allergic to Yellow Jackets, Wasps and Hornets and have the multiple near-death experiences to prove it. After years of therapy my doc asked if I wanted to discontinue although he did not advise it because I was originally a low blood pressure … Continue reading Gary 1, Yellow Jackets 0


One downside of being a 7 day a week worker is that so much of American culture slips by me. Wait, that is probably an upside considering the perma-stupid gaining an upper hand in this country. Anyway, I hear “Karen” this and “Ken” that and think there’s some kind of a meme out there but I don’t really know what it is because I am … Continue reading #karens

2 Cops

Both letters shared on FaceBook this week. Dave Bissonnette I’ve had numerous people approach me and ask me my opinion regarding the police use of force in Minneapolis. I normally don’t speak out like this in such a public forum but my heart is broken with what I am witnessing across the country and right here in our own state and I feel the need … Continue reading 2 Cops

Upwards at 45 Degrees – Julian Cope

A not so well known song but one of my favorite songs. It’s called Upwards at 45° and that is what the song is to me, a thing with no chorus, no bridge, no ‘B’ parts. Just a verse going forward and upward, adding layers, changing instrumentation, getting weirder and weirder until it gains escape velocity and leaves the Earth’s gravitational pull. That’s how this … Continue reading Upwards at 45 Degrees – Julian Cope


Jesus Christ in a side car, this market is getting weird. I am from Boston. Born there. Probably will die somewhere around there. I hated the big bad Bruins of the early 1970s because by some strange twist of fate, like turning on the TV as a kid, seeing a hockey game with a team called the New York Rangers and really liking their unis, … Continue reading Espo

Outside of the abstraction that is the financial markets, real life hits home…

This young woman was killed last night, barely after dark in a neighborhood that my own daughter has spent much time in. In fact, it is much nicer than most of where my daughter lived over the last 2 years sub-letting in Harlem, Washington Heights and Brooklyn re-tooling her craft from a singer to primarily a composer before re-entering school this fall. This poor 18 … Continue reading Outside of the abstraction that is the financial markets, real life hits home…