Help requested regarding website comments [w/ edit]

[edit] Looks like it’s working fine. Comments coming through with no issues, including one by the gentlemen who had trouble earlier. Thank you for your help!

Hi folks,

If you’ve got a moment please consider popping me a note as a comment to this post. I enabled comments back in March to gain input on a planned Podcast (still in the works as Scott and I get settled; he closing his gold fund and me finishing an intense March-July period of commitments and obligations) and have left them enabled since.

On the plus side, I have not had to weed out even one single comment, which I would do if a lunatic were to try flaming or causing trouble (I’ve had a few sickos over the years). Otherwise, I accept all comments as long as they are made by rational people.

On the negative side, a subscriber notes that he tried responding to a post yesterday but it did not go through. If you help out here and your comment goes through, great. If not, could you drop me an email at the ‘Contact’ menu above?

Thank you!

34 thoughts on “Help requested regarding website comments [w/ edit]

  1. Thanks for the great work Gary. Btw, check out the performance of CCJ vs SPX (not just today).

    1. That’s a chart I’d buy if it were a stock. 2+ year uptrend. Thanks for the heads up on that.

  2. I tried a comment but got the error:
    “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!
    « Back”
    The Back link didn’t work. Refreshing the page let me enter this.

  3. Hi Gary. Thanks for the music. Oh, and thanks for all the info, insight, and charts! ;-)

  4. Hi Gary, I posted a comment asking a question about some of your reasoning but when I checked a couple of hours later for replies it wasn’t there so I just thought it was deleted. Definitely something sketchy going on. I’ll be reposting my comment in a future related post!

  5. Hi Gary, there’s definitely something fishy going on with leaving comments. I think it happens when writing long comments and something happening with the browser session.

  6. Yikes! I’m used to comments appearing immediately after you post them and not an hour later.

    1. That would be the case were I not sound asleep. :-) As noted in the post I do moderate (manually approve) comments, although I have not had to filter any so far. But if some psycho shows up just to make trouble… that’s why the manual process.

    1. Hey Shark, don’t be surprised if I invite you on if we’re gonna talk music. :-)

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