Comments enabled, thoughts on a Podcast?

I have a pal named Scott. He has been a gold fund manager until the current time, as now he is closing the fund and just going to be a regular player, like myself. He was the one who originally guided me to the compelling story of Great Bear Resources (GBR.V) as a high conviction investment (now sold at a big profit as I don’t want to hold its acquirer, KGC).

He is also a really good musician and a lunatic to boot. I consider myself paler versions of those same things too. He is really interesting to talk to and knows he’s a lunatic (my word for scary financial/economic/political realist/alarmist in this case), while I can drone on, hem and haw and keep one foot in Wonderland and one foot outside, above the rabbit hole for functional reasons.

We are kicking around the idea of doing a podcast. My reservation is that I am the indicators guy, the TA guy, the ‘yeah, it’s completely fucked up out there but things can remain irrational longer than you can realistically hold your conviction about it’ guy. In other words, he’s the interesting guy and I may be the boring guy. That’s my reservation about a podcast; that second thing.

But if we do it I’d like to feature guests on occasion. I know several subscribers who are financial professionals and others out there who I think are interesting people. I would think Scott and I may just as readily talk about music or the social/political state of modern America as gold or markets in general. Personally, if anyone ever wants to engage in a discussion about hockey in general and the NY Rangers in particular, I’m up for it.

Anyway, thoughts on this? I am not positive I want to do it yet, but definitely thinking about it.

Thank you.

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  1. A definite yes. Please go forward with the podcast idea. Thanks for all you do.

  2. Hi Gary, I’m no professional and nowhere near qualified to be a guest. But I’d love to hear a podcast.

  3. Go for it ! It would be very informative to hear a fund manager’s perspectives.
    If it doesn’t work after a few episodes, you can always stop doing it

  4. A big yes on that idea Gary. Not that your written words and ideas aren’t great (they are) but I think you may find the podcast format to be a real asset to what you already do.

  5. Give it a shot. What’s the worse that can happen :) AND maybe that’s the signal the market needs to turn this mess around :)

  6. Pls do it but stay on point because time is valuable … if you want to talk music/tennis do it in a separate podcast.

    1. Well, I can only do it if I’m gonna be me. That means naughty words and O/T as well. But a focus on this mess we call the financial markets.

    2. Oh and I could never watch tennis, let alone talk about it. Podcasts can have a brief description of content in case anyone wants to avoid.

  7. Definitely advise you to do it. I would listen . You facilitated me making a of money with Great Bear, and have taught me a lot on learning my “own style” of investing. Anything you might present in a podcast would be very interesting to me

  8. Adding an occasional podcast with guest speakers would be a great addition.

  9. I think that the podcast must go on. Don’t worry about being the straight man as it is an important job!

  10. The podcasts I have listened to over the years relating to markets & finance might be best described as “interviews” where the “guest’s” opinions/forecasts are presented to the listener. The interviewer doesn’t challenge or do much exploration of the guest’s views, because he wants the guest to return. I don’t believe that format provides much benefit to the listener, so IF that is what you have in mind, I will pass. IF you are going to use another format, for example, where 10-20% of the time allotted is provided the “guest” to explain his position(s) / forecast(s), and the other 80-90% of the time is allocated to exploring the logic behind those positions, and to challenging them when LOGIC dictates they be challenged (in a respectful way) and responded to by guest, then I’d give a listen. IF it also included a LIVE FEED where listeners could pose questions/comments regarding the topic/debate, and have guest and interviewer respond, then I’d be more encouraged to listen. Good luck.

    1. Well, it is surely not going to be one of those crappy gold bug things where they’re all served up and glad handing each other. Rah rah, go team! No set agenda and (subject to Scott’s input) really it’s going to be what we want to talk about. People can listen or not. I am not here to promote anyone and I am not here to give away real analysis for free. I wouldn’t even see it promo’ing NFTRH. It’s a way to blow off steam with a guy I like talking to. I’d want the subjects to come up organically, not like the usual gold bug circle jerk (and yes, the language could get colorful).

  11. I think this could be a good idea.
    If it works then great. If it doesn’t work then . . . . oh, well . . .
    We won’t know until it’s done.
    Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    If you guys do go ahead with a podcast make sure you get your hair coiffed, your faces made up & pull out those Armani suits . . . gotta look the part. . . . . and don’t forget that ‘Stetler’ grin.

    Maybe you guys can settle the age old question as well . . . .What’s better Les Paul or Strat ?, Marshall or Fender ?

  12. Well I think it would just be audio. That way I can do it in my pajamas. LP or Strat? LP for my taste, but not for my back (mine felt like wearing an anchor before I sold it). Still have a Strat but don’t play it much. Prefer the humbuckers on the PRS. Amp? Both. Love ’em both. We’ll see what Scott has to say about it.

  13. Hi Gary,

    I can only speak for myself but I would definitely be listening to every podcast big time.

  14. Not if it in any way replaces or dilutes the written reports. There are too many podcasts out there. Your service is valuable because it doesn’t add to the noise.

  15. It would be completely different and not part of the NFTRH service. Not at all. Stuff given away for free on the internet generally is noise and not of value IMO. Hence, people would not want to listen unless it was for casual or entertainment purposes. And I for one plan to wing it, if we do it. I’m not going to spend any of NFTRH’s time preparing for this.

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