On the road through Friday

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Actually, I’ll be on several roads. To Manhattan, to Massachusetts, to Vermont, back to Massachusetts.

A very busy 3 month period is about to come to an end this week. But first I have to survive the next 3 days. It’s just dad stuff. Hard dad stuff with a lot of driving and some physical exertion.

Boy do I look forward to Friday night, when I’ll be back home, grilling a streak, drinking a bourbon and watching the Rangers continue their improbable, nerve wracking and really enjoyable pursuit of Lord Stanley’s Cup.

So if there are delays in response to emails or other business, that is why. I’ll get to everything when I can. Maybe some on the road and some this weekend.




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  1. Chris Popov

    Hey, maybe I can drive up Friday and you can grill me a steak. I like mine medium well, LOL. I hope you have a good trip and thanks for your insight and commentary.

    1. Gary

      Home a day early but saving the steak for tomorrow. I’ll put yours on for a while first because mine will be rare.

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