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I’ve come across an issue whereby some comments by readers come through and others just go to outer space, never to be seen again. Checking with WordPress support it appears that the issue is with the site’s shall we say ‘mature’ theme. i.e. it has outlived its viability in the modern world. I love the theme, but it’s getting time to move on.

So I am going to be updating it at some point soon so the comments will work. I enabled comments for the Podcast post (Pod idea still in the works with Scott, AKA the Mad Hatter, but I am massively time stressed these last couple of weeks and probably for the rest of April with a strange and seldom experienced thing called a vacation with my wife coming up near month’s end).

Anyway, I want to keep going with the comments both for protected subscriber posts where questions, contrary views and whatnot can be expressed, and really the same for public posts. I want to wait for a moment when I can give the update my full attention. Yeah, right!


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  1. Gary

    Testing comments…

    1. Gary

      Updated theme in place, I think we’re good to go…

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