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2022: Still “the golden year”

Gold is following a logical path in 2022 Reference this article posted on 12.30.21: 2022: The Golden Year Gold has done nothing unusual and in fact it has done as…

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Attn: Subscribers

Evidently the website reset its cookies, requiring a new login process to access updates. The password has not changed over the last two weeks. I too had to re-log in.…

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SPX; a bad chart

SPX and its US index fellows are in rough shape. That's a Captain Obvious statement, but we've been tracking the degrading situation by weekly charts like the one at the…

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Copper/Gold ratio

Last day of vacation, which I have committed to and enjoyed. Wife is understanding today as I ease back into work mode for a bit. Copper/Gold ratio is bent but…

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I am not an easy vacationer. In fact I am a very difficult one if you ask my wife. That said, I am going to take one and it's starting…

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