Sitting at a gate at JFK, man stares at the Gold/Silver ratio

Our flight back from Key West had a detour as jets cannot fully fuel up in Key West due to its really short runway (you should see how they slam on the breaks and stop these things abruptly when landing) and Boston weather said ‘take no chances’. So we’re sitting, sitting and sitting some more at JFK waiting to finish refueling.

What to do? Sit, wait and look at a whole bunch of bearish charts I guess. I also looked at a really interesting chart of an indicator doing what it would do during a bear phase. The Gold/Silver ratio has been a negative divergence to the inflation (a companion to the TSX-V index) and is doing the thing I favor, which is to rise. Inflationist gold bugs want silver to lead, but not me. I want gold mining macro fundamentals to firm up.

Anyway here, stare at the daily chart of the GSR, which recently held its daily chart uptrend at the 200 day average and now has made a trend line breakout upward. Not bad, unless you’re an inflation-stoked speculator.