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As noted in NFTRH 743, USD (DXY) finally took the hint from the Gold/Silver ratio (GSR) and bounced. Let's look at the leader first. GSR is testing the underside of…

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NFTRH+; Uncle Buck & GSR

The USD index (DXY) is on plan to the October 28 update that stated... One option could be for a pop to the top of the channel, which would be…

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NFTRH+; watch this indicator

The little bout of positivity in the inflation markets is enough to get me questioning my short position in DBC. Here is a chart of RINF (inflation expectations), as posted…

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NFTRH 703, out now

Aye aye aye, it's good to be back at my work station. But its nice out and I need some exercise, so here's the screenshot to hint at NFTRH 703's…

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