gold price in various global currencies

The gold price in global currencies

As the gold price rallies, it maintains its trends to rallying global currencies The relative trends in the gold price to major currencies range from neutral with a positive bias to neutral with a negative bias (2nd chart below). While global currencies have been bouncing hard on the US dollar correction… …the gold price has been bouncing as well, and it is also rising in … Continue reading The gold price in global currencies

Gold in various currencies

Gold as measured in major currencies (and a digital speculation) It’s not a major consideration of mine as far as precious metals indicators go. I think it is an overrated indicator from the past. But here is the state of gold vs. the debt-supported, intrinsically valueless paper/digital (funny) munny (daily charts) issued by governments and for comic effect, the new speculative crypto whiz kid. These … Continue reading Gold in various currencies

US dollar & Gold/Silver ratio

This is how an inflation phase ends It’s called the bust that follows an inflated boom. The US dollar and Gold/Silver ratio traditionally ride together to bring it on. The current backdrop is as we’ve allowed for and even anticipated in NFTRH (against heavy cash I am positioned in the stuff that is not inflation-dependent, and it is working today). It’s a whiff of ‘Goldilocks’ … Continue reading US dollar & Gold/Silver ratio

Currencies (NFTRH 709 excerpt)

A brief look at currencies Excerpted from the June 12 edition of Notes From the Rabbit Hole: Currencies All hail Uncle Buck! Especially those who’ve been guiding their herds against it not only over the last bullish year, but since the bullish Goldilocks flavored up-surge in 2014 and well, ever since I began seriously paying attention to the global macro in 2002. The USD, AKA … Continue reading Currencies (NFTRH 709 excerpt)

Currencies (incl. Bitcoin) vs. USD

Global currencies and Bitcoin vs. USD Reference a previous post on ‘commodity currencies‘ From NFTRH 705‘s Currencies segment… Everybody in this sad picture is as they were last week. The reserve currency is sucking up all that liquidity fleeing the risk ‘on’, inflated cyclical asset world and the other ‘non-reserve’ currencies are being exposed as the fundamentally valueless instruments they are. Of course USD is … Continue reading Currencies (incl. Bitcoin) vs. USD

Commodity currencies must stand and deliver, or break down

CAD and AUD are each at important support vs. the US dollar index There are just too many important support touch points on CAD/USD for this not to be a key support area right here. The same holds true for AUD/USD. These two commodity currencies have been joining fellow inflation-divergent items like the Gold/Copper ratio, Gold/Silver ratio, TSX-V/TSX ratio and the firm state of the … Continue reading Commodity currencies must stand and deliver, or break down

Bitcoin: Acting like the speculation it is

As USD and Gold rise, Bitcoin acts like the speculation that it is The US dollar is roofing… Gold is also getting the global liquidity bid. And then there is BTCUSD, acting like a speculation along with all the other speculations the world over. Where’s Tom Brady and what’s her name, the hotel heiress come crypto big mouth when you need them? For “best of … Continue reading Bitcoin: Acting like the speculation it is

Speaking of Uncle Buck, he has a story to tell

What worked at the beginning of the inflationary phase will probably work in reverse at the end As USD pops today to test the breakdown from the SMA 50… I am by no means calling an end to the inflation trades yet (near/intermediate-term targets are higher), but I am telling you that the reputations being made (or in many cases re-made) among the ‘Commodity Super … Continue reading Speaking of Uncle Buck, he has a story to tell

Uncle Buck continues to rampage

The US dollar (DXY) continues to target 98 In Q1 2021 USD bottomed amid the usual suspects proclaiming “dollar collapse!” and “death of the dollar!” and inflation as far as the eye can see. Zero Hedge led the charge. As the inflation trades labored into the spring USD formed a neckline (black dashed), dropped for an interim (at least) last hurrah by the inflation boosters, … Continue reading Uncle Buck continues to rampage