Silver/Gold ratio also on message [w/ edit]

The message is anti-inflationary Conveniently, with FOMC coming up on July 27th, inflation signals continue to unwind. Hmmm, and right into what on average is a seasonal low in the precious metals in July. I am holding DUST as a short against the gold miners but want to make sure I am not feeling too self-congratulatory about it [edit: I shook myself out for a … Continue reading Silver/Gold ratio also on message [w/ edit]

‘Anti’ markets

These daily charts are flipped over to a view that is ‘anti’ their normal selves I have often referred to the improbably bullish (to many; NFTRH has tracked and respected the bullish dollar for a year now) US dollar as an anti-market, the liquidity collector from the global liquidity-driven and speculative mess created by the Fed and its fellows. But here is a look at … Continue reading ‘Anti’ markets

copper price

Doctor Copper’s prescription enclosed…

Doctor Copper’s scrip: “The economy is starting to gear down due to the reduction of the very cyclical inflationary forces that had stimulated the patient previously. If you feel a sudden loss of balance, as if a carpet were being pulled out from under your feet that will be the inflation trades you’ve stood resolutely upon continuing from a normal correction to an erosion of … Continue reading Doctor Copper’s prescription enclosed…

silver price (monthly)

Key big picture support for Silver

The monthly chart of the silver price offers two alternatives Excerpted from NFTRH 709: Here is silver’s view using a monthly chart. To this point we have used a daily chart to express the importance of the 22 area resistance [as noted on daily charts], which must be overcome (current: 21.93). But the bigger picture shows support at 18.25 and 21.25. The post #silversqueeze (how … Continue reading Key big picture support for Silver

Gold/Silver ratio continues to diverge the inflation trades

Gold/Silver ratio (and USD) would attend global liquidity stress I know. I know. It’s a mutant inflation and all, with global war and politics driving the bus now, and the Fed all but marginalized. But still, more monetary and counter-cyclical gold is rising in relation to silver (more cyclical, industrial and hence, commodity-like) and that is not cyclical inflationary signaling, especially with both metals struggling … Continue reading Gold/Silver ratio continues to diverge the inflation trades

Not to be outdone, the Gold/Silver Ratio…

Gold/Silver ratio breakout continues apace Slowly it toined (last week man stared at chart while stuck on an airplane at JFK, Brooklyn accent appropriately included)… …and today it continues to break upward. Folks, if you don’t have your chops in order about what an upturn in gold vs. silver, copper and the rest of more inflation-sensitive (and in most cases, cyclical) stuff means you should … Continue reading Not to be outdone, the Gold/Silver Ratio…

Platinum: “Me too!” [w/ edit]

Platinum joins its bullish fellow PGM, Palladium [edit] Solid profits now booked on all ‘paper’ bullion vehicles. Bird, meet hand. The Platinum price is making a move to try to keep up with big bro Palladium as it attempts a daily chart channel buster. Last week I cut my Pd position back to be roughly the size of my Pt position, leaving silver of all … Continue reading Platinum: “Me too!” [w/ edit]

Silver futures

Silver price makes a bit of a move It is uncharacteristic of silver to be so muted, while gold and various other metals gain attention. But that, in my opinion, is the gift that keeps on giving compliments of the ill-conceived #silversqueeze promotion over a year ago. Markets always seek out balance in some way, shape or form. It appears that the promotion is finally … Continue reading Silver futures

Precious & industrial metals seasonal (from NFTRH 695)

The bullish window (on average) is closing for metals Of these metals I hold gold (not in ‘paper’ form) and silver, palladium and platinum (in paper form) and copper (in my walls). Is it different this time or will the seasonal average exert for some or all of these metals? There sure is a case to be made for ‘different this time’, given the intensifying … Continue reading Precious & industrial metals seasonal (from NFTRH 695)

Precious metals ‘vs. SPY’

Gold, silver and the miners in relation to SPY/SPX We all know that gold and its fellows have bottomed (minor or major)* vs. broad stock markets, and below is a daily chart pictorial view showing the impulsive bursts upward off the lows (relative to SPY) by gold, silver and the miners. The caveat is the shirtless man on the Ukraine border, associated media ‘war drums’ … Continue reading Precious metals ‘vs. SPY’

Man stares at Platinum & the Silver/Gold ratio

Could Platinum be leading Silver/Gold? Okay, calm down man (who stares at charts). It’s probably nothing. But still… I own PPLT in the NFTRH model portfolio (and a couple PGM miners elsewhere). But the significance here, if it means anything at all would be for Silver/Gold to hold support and the inflation trades to perhaps continue with this afterburner. Or maybe the inflation trades would … Continue reading Man stares at Platinum & the Silver/Gold ratio

Gold/Silver ratio continues to diverge inflation trades

Gold (more counter-cyclical, less inflation-sensitive) vs. Silver (more industrial utility, more inflation-sensitive) It’s not my bias speaking. If we’re going on a von Misesian crack-up party boom, all getting rich on the great “commodity super cycle” (that’s a hype term) I’ll go that way. But there have been several divergences on the fly in opposition to that notion. Primary among them… The Gold/Silver ratio (GSR) … Continue reading Gold/Silver ratio continues to diverge inflation trades