US dollar & Gold/Silver ratio

This is how an inflation phase ends

It’s called the bust that follows an inflated boom. The US dollar and Gold/Silver ratio traditionally ride together to bring it on.

The current backdrop is as we’ve allowed for and even anticipated in NFTRH (against heavy cash I am positioned in the stuff that is not inflation-dependent, and it is working today). It’s a whiff of ‘Goldilocks’ as the strong dollar/declining yields combo spurs rotation of market participants (and the machines) to the bombed out Cloud/SaaS/Growth/Story stuff. It’ll remain to be seen how sustainable this may be.

The Gold/Silver ratio also logically rises during times when gold is out-performing mining cost drivers and other cyclical items. In other words, times when gold mining (not mining in general, gold mining) fundamentals are improving. Sadly, lessons taught over and over (I don’t necessarily mean by me, but through repetitive experience for all of us) are just never learned in some stubbornly dogmatic corners of the investing world.

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