Subscriber Testimonials

Completely unsolicited feedback from NFTRH subscribers who, as paying customers, should expect nothing short of excellence:

“I’m back in Amsterdam tomorrow night and will definitely be renewing. I don’t bother you with a bunch of email spam, but I am super impressed with the service, really outstanding. Always level headed and insightful.  The addition the of mid week updates a while back was a great little extra too.  So thanks very much, couldn’t be more happy.”  -Richard W  10.28.19

“Your work is thorough and your analysis is flawless. I have very much enjoyed the benefits of your insight all these years.”  -Lorenzo L  10.16.19

“I love your service and speed in resolving any problem.”  -Otto N  10.7.19

“Thanks for your great work.”  -Peter K  10.7.19

“I admire your work and the photo of the market you make every week and I really [appreciate] the way you explain and the way you think. I experience that as coaching and thats a good thing I believe.”  -Mark K  9.18.19

“By the way, I have especially enjoyed your work this year, and while you do not hesitate to report your miscues, you have been remarkably accurate. Been a big help to me. Thanks again for your “is what it is””  -Gary F  9.15.19

“Thanks for the post today and it was a good reminder.  I have learned to control my emotions (somewhat) over the last year reading your posts, NFTRH newletter and following your TA.  Usually I would be fully invested in Gold and Silver stocks and be down quite a bit with this correction.  I rationally looked at the market and my stocks and took a lot off the table around GDX 30.50 and then finally when it spiked to 31.”  -Eric M  9.13.19

“Following your advice (and Steve Saville who suggested the same move at about the same time), back in may i bought 110 SLV calls, january 2021, $18. I didn’t bother to make the calculation, but on paper profits, i guess my subscription to NFTRH is paid for the next 50 years…. Thanks to you. I love the sound of crickets…

Made a typo error: it’s 320 SLV calls in total, 2021, $18. Subscription paid for 75 years.”  -Francois G  9.4.19

“Thanks so much for this morning’s update. With life and work getting in the way (and all the noise out there trying to confuse) these updates are worth your subscription price alone. Your calm and clear headed approach is essential for me to even attempt to be in this crazy game! Keep up the good — and invaluable — work.”  -Tom A  8.20.19

“Gary your way of thinking about the markets and your very comprehensive analysis is some of the best I’ve found anywhere on the internet.”  -Ryan M  7.30.19

“Your “I Human” post exemplifies one of the reasons I subscribe — you keep it real. Thank you.”  -Tom M  7.24.19

“Always enjoy your report and insights.”  -Scott L  7.23.19

“Anyway, also wanted to say thanks for all your hard work that has made the last couple of weeks so much fun — and profitable.”  -Tom A  7.20.19

“Hi Gary, I really enjoy your service and love your pragmatism in your process. I use several services in my investing process and yours is one of the important pieces in this.”  -John D  6.24.19

“Thanks so much, Gary.   I think I’m going to take some partial profit, hang in there with the rest and look for dips.  At least that’s what I’m thinking now.  You are a very good guy to take the time for a thoughtful response.  I’m sure you get lots of this kind of thing. Looking forward to what you have to say in this week’s report.”  -Tom M  6.22.19

“Gary, Fyi, You do a fantastic job.  Keep up the great work. New work commitment doesn’t afford me the time to spend reading all your material.”  -Scott D  6.12.19 (upon ending subscription)

“Thanks for the great subscription service, you’re underpricing it for sure!”  -Sami S  5.24.19

“Hi Gary, check enclosed for subscription renewal. Thanks for another year of great service!”  -Stephen K  5.19.19

“I really am looking forward to the next year/few years in the markets and even more appreciate having your analysis and insights.”  -George P  5.14.19

“Gary I’m a subscriber and love your work. [a specific email request follows] Thanks. Keep up the great work you do!”  -Tom M  5.11.19

“The more I read thru previous issues the more I am impressed with your work.”  -Lalitha P  5.5.19

“I feel your news letter is excellent.”  -Steven D  4.29.19

“Thanks, Gary. Yes, the original report showed up about 20 minutes after my email. Thanks for being so responsive….. great report, by the way.”  -Werner N  4.28.19

“This is the kind of stuff [an NFTRH update on 3/28] that puts you on top of the heap Gary. Thanks.”  -Fred L  3.28.19

“Thank you I would pay an extra to have daily updates like this everyday, it clears my head.”  -Ida P  3.28.19

“Thanks for the great work.”  -Mike S  3.25.19

“Hi Gary, I’ve been a subscriber for a few months and I have really appreciated your work and approach. It has helped me think in a bigger picture and so far, helped my investing strategy quite a bit. Thanks!”  -Scott L  3.17.19

“First of all, your reports are great! Thank you so much :-)… ”  -Jörg A  3.3.19

“Hi Gary, I stayed short INGN for months based largely on your insight into the high-tech (not) world of oxygen generators [concentrators -gt], and also from being around elderly relatives using these things.  The short finally paid off.  Thanks for that.”  -Mike M  3.3.19

“Thanks for your honesty and following the data as opposed to your ego.”  -Michael U  2.4.19

“I am enjoying your analysis a lot, I am so happy I started my subscription a few month[s] back. It really helps me keep track on important technical levels in the market.”  -Jesper U  1.31.19

“Thanks for the heads up. Love your work.”  -Terry F  1.18.19

“Thanks for the great work throughout the year, I read your report weekly and love it.”  -Nick Z  1.10.19

“Thanks for navigating this period. Well done.”  -David C  1.5.19

“Gary, I am liking your work. Is it possible to change from monthly to annual… ?” -Tim T  1.4.19 (new subscriber)

“Have greatly enjoyed reading your analysis reports and while I’m still a novice on TA, do feel I am managing my investments better. Many thanks and Happy New Year!  -Pedro M  1.1.19

“I appreciate your newsletter and am glad I subscribed. Your writing style is awesome and you break things down super clearly…. Happy New year!”  @milesbeckler  12.31.19

“Gary writes the best newsletter out there. Last week’s was so damn crisp and clean. If you don’t subscribe and have one of the sharpest minds out there draw pictures and narrate a hella good story, well, you’re missing out. True story.”  @that_grey_beard  12.31.18

“Your macro analysis has played a very large part in my decision-making, and I thank you for it.”  -Dirk T  12.21.18

“Hi Gary, Thank you for NFTRH and BIIWII.

I would probably have destroyed my retirement account by now without your service. My journey to some slight bit of investing intelligence began by losing my ass on paid pump whores at XXXXXXXXXX and some other garbage before I realized that those who proclaim near certain great gains are pure BS.

Mark Turner’s hard line on mining scams at IKN led me to the light at NFTRH. Probabilities based analysis. No guarantees, just relentless analysis of the trends , with underlying sentiment and fundamentals.”  -Mike S  12.20.18

“I’m an irregular reader of other opinions on mining and markets, but there are only two newsletters that I read every edition, come what may. One is Gary Tanashian’s ‘Notes From The Rabbit Hole’ (12), which gets frequent mention on these pages due to his unbeatable macro-coverage services and impressively ego-free, insightful eye. The other is Exploration Insights (13). I often find myself agreeing with their viewpoints but definitely not all the time (and when it comes to difference of opinions, both they and I have had the last laugh on different subjects over the years), but my stars when they say something you’d be daft not to listen (and you’d better have a good reason to oppose them). Joe/Brent and Gary are both best of breed newsletter writers, I cannot recommend them too highly.”  Inca Kola News  12.9.18

“Hi Gary, first of all I am now following your weekly reports and updates for half a year or something, and it is something I look out for. I see you more as a coach than as a [distant] newsletter writer. Thank you very much, its really fun.”  –Mark K  12.5.18

“I love your product.”  –Sanjay M  11.20.18

“Your analysis is so thorough that it’s a bit daunting for me but that’s no excuse not to learn. I hope to learn a lot from you over the next year.”  –Giles D  10.29.18

“Thanks again, Gary, for all you do. I really look to you to keep me in the long-term mindset. That is invaluable to me.”  –Michael B  10.28.18

“I just had a read of your weekly report, its superb! Thanks for taking the time to put it together each week.”  –Nicholas Z  10.28.18

“Your issue No. 522 was terrific Gary – especially valuable under the circumstances; I get a lot of value out of your work. Especially . . . You keep me patient As the world Turns. Thanks for staying firm on the TA as it applies to the macro, and to the Precious Metals.”  –Harold C  10.23.18

“My credit card info changed sorry I’m signing up again right away. You’re insights are invaluable!”  –Ryan M  10.22.18

“Thanks for your great service. As I mentioned last year, our investing strategies are different, but I rely on you for the most thorough and comprehensive view of the markets that I am aware of. Plus yours is completely devoid of ego and personal bias. I wish I had known of NFTRH in an earlier era when I was under the sway of the precious metals pumpers. Best regards”  –CPM  9.5.18

“I am a new subscriber and initially signed up for the monthly plan. I am really enjoying your analysis and would like to renew with the annual plan.”  –Scott C  8.30.18

“I LOVE this newsletter.”  –Ida P  [new sub] 8.23.18

“Thanks for your great service, I really appreciate to read your weekly reports (but wished I’d followed your advice more often in practice) :). I pay by the month currently but like to switch to a yearly subscription.  –Hans B  8.19.18

“Gary, I really appreciate your updates of the past couple of days. Very timely and informative as always.”  –William M  8.15.18

“Kudos Brother.”  –Drew M  8.15.18

“Thanks again! Keep up the good work!!!!”  –Keith R  8.14.18

“You [are] brilliant. Thanks.”  –Chuck C  8.12.18 [hard working but far from brilliant — GT]

“Thanks Gary. Your work has been outstanding. Much appreciated!”  –James S  8.10.18

“Up to your usual high standards. Thanks Gary.”  –Fred L  8.6.18

“Really enjoy your writing. It is a great balancer for me and I appreciate your ability to be re-balanced by what you see and the feedback you get!”  –David C  8.5.18

“PS I liked the summary report this AM!”  –Rich C  6.21.18

“Hi Gary, Thanks for the great job keeping us in the loop on the ongoing macro view. It helps me put things in their respective context with one another and thus not so much of a mish-mash of disorganized puzzle pieces.”  –RTC  6.10.18

“Hi Gary, Thanks for the link.  I have tried to sign up 3 times now. I think it is a paypal issue. I really do enjoy and use your excellent analysis.”  –John B  6.9.18 [existing subscriber after involuntary PP cancellation]

“Hi Gary, just a note from a grateful subscriber to say how much I like your new format. It always seemed like a lot of work for you to be posting and e mailing etc.”  –Renee S  5.27.18

“Congrats on the milestone [NFTRH 500] Gary. Not the volume that is impressive but the consistent quality.”  –Frederick L  5.21.18

“Gary, Congratulations on reaching your 500th edition. Have only been with you for about half that journey, but appreciate the quality and honesty of the content/analysis. Gradual and progressive improvement is the assured quality approach. Please keep up the good work.”  –Andrew C  5.21.18

“On the occasion of your 2.5 millionth word, I’d like to compliment you on the quality and style of your newsletter. It is extraordinarily well-written and readable, qualities that seem to be in short-supply among newsletter writers these days. As the former executive editor of my law school’s law review, and later an occasional editor of the [omitted by request, but very notable], I value good writing, and thank you heartily for yours.”  –James S  5.20.18

“I want you to know that in my opinion – and based on my needs – the fine tuning of your reports and mid-week updates have been great and certainly have meat on them. I find the real time updates the most helpful of all that great stuff you put out.”  –Werner N  5.15.18

“BTW I really enjoy your work.”  –Terry F  5.10.18

“You are doing [a] great job. I like the common sense approach to the market. I did short INGN yesterday. I think it just paid for the annual subscription. Thank you.  –Duke M  5.2.18

“I must say that I appreciate very much the way you are opening my eyes.”  –Mark K  4.26.18

“Gary: #496 is most useful; I have read 3 times and still learning.”  –Tom D  4.23.18

“Gary, Just a note to say Thanks for the timely update.”  –RTC  4.23.18

“I’m in for another year so you can send me the bill. I love your work!”  –André D  4.15.18

“Thanks for all your hard work. Please change subscription to an annual. You are helping me keep my perspective from being firmly up my posterior.”  –Duke M  4.9.18

“Interesting report today – enjoyed reading your assessments of market direction.”  –Rich C  4.8.18

“On a positive note, excellent NFTRH492, futures spiking, gotta love stop hunts.”  –Scott R  3.26.18

“Hi Gary, Thank you for the emphasis on balance, and patience.  I am not really making money at the moment,  but not losing it either…  small gold position, small short  position,  watching the market bounce about with patience while waiting for the trend to emerge.  Something I never could have done a year, or even 6 months ago.”  –Mike S  3.23.18

“Keep up the good work, it is quite impressive and always enjoyable to read.”  –Paul D  3.15.17

“Great update. Thanks.”  –Charles C  2.7.18

“Gary, Excellent update, timely & helpful.”  –Peter R  2.6.18

“Hi Gary, Outstanding Analysis !!  This report [actually an in-week update] is why I subscribe to you. Fast, concise, accurate, and very informative. Thank you very very much!”  –John B  2.6.18

“Hi Gary. Damn, you had it nailed one week ago but we were in a different space so did not see it. Shows you how a worldview and market emotion can affect our sense of judgement. I am sure you previously said Pa/Au ratio was a good indicator of the markets? Anyway, keep up the great work.”  –Neil R  2.6.18

“Hi Gary, Thanks for the reports that you send through, they are very interesting.”  –Nick Z  2.1.18

“I appreciate all the work you do.”  –Don H  1.30.18

“Yes, I’d like to receive the e-mails, always enjoyable. Thank you for helping my gold-buggery-recovery.”  –Patrick B  1.28.18

“Your writings Gary Tanashian – i.e. your TA interpretations – help to keep me on that track of acting in accordance with what the market is telling us all . . . if we know how to listen, or subscribe to someone who does.”  –Harold C  1.26.18

“By the way I really enjoy your weekly report and other timely updates. Keep up the good work.”  –Kirby A  1.13.18

“Thank you – you do a great job!”  –Russell S  1.9.18

“Just to let you know that I have been in this (hedge fund) business for almost 30 years and your research is second to none. You are a superb strategist. And I have seen many. You have your models (The Three Amigos.., et al) and your chart reading abilities are fairly convincing… That elevates you many miles above the standard gold bug service and others… :-)

You should work as a strategist in a big fund. Although I understand your “big boyz“ aversion… That’s why I run my own business too. Enjoy 2018!”  –Erwin G., Berlin Germany  1.4.18

High praise, considering the source: My Secret Weapon  IKN  1.2.18

“Happy Holidays to you and your family! I have subscribed to NFTRH for years now. You are always a breath of fresh air, telling the truth as you see it. I am grateful to God that I found your advice.”  –John B  12.24.17

“I can only imagine how busy you are running the business you have at the high level of service quality you do.”  –Michael B  12.20.17

“I read all of your analysis and conclusions, even on those sectors which are not my key priorities…  it is all grist for my mill, as I learn and orient myself to the big picture. I want, and appreciate, the whole enchilada.”  –Harold C  11.27.17

“I don’t think you have to do all the work showing the justifications for your conclusions, no need to kill your self – but then, I trust you, and so will anyone who follows you for a while.”  –Fred L  11.26.17

“Keep up the good work, these reports [have] kept me sane in the crazy market.”  –Arvind C  11.26.17

“FWIW, I like your service mainly because it makes me look at the entire investing universe even though I like to focus on just a couple of industries.”  –Douglas D  11.13.17

“I appreciate all your hard work and weekly bulletins! Great stuff.”  –Rich C  11.4.17

“Hi Gary, I recently subscribed to your NFTRH premium service and I am really enjoying it so far. I was hoping to also opt into the NFTRH+ (trade set-ups) service. If you could add me to that it would be much appreciated.”  –Jason P  11.1.17

“Hi Gary, you are so fast in responding… that’s [really] professional! So I very much appreciated it to have business with you.  –Achim H  11.1.17

“Btw, you do great work.”  –Nigel B  10.23.17

“While your investing modus is different than mine, I have come to rely on your market acumen for its honesty, thoroughness, and absence of bias.”  –C.P. M  10.16.17

“Gary, thanks for the great work.”  –Chris C  10.1.17

“A+ Report today, Gary. I’m signing on past my [intro] month. Thanks for concise and actionable interpretations you contain herein.”  –Michael B  9.24.17

“You are absolutely fucking killing everything. Great job.”  –Joe F  9.19.17

“Love your stuff.. just keep it under 100 pages. You still [have] 29 before the alarm sounds.”  –Brian K  9.17.17

“Thanks a lot. Quite honorable of you.  That makes it much easier to come back when I’m back in the markets.  BTW – yours [is] the very first newsletter that I have ever thought worthy to subscribe.  And I’ve been in markets for 25+ years.  Well done!”  –Mark L  9.16.17

“Gary, thanks for the mid-week analysis. You are a true professional and I can’t imagine there’s a better service out there.”  –Stan L  9.14.17

“Anyway, Gary, thanks for your hard work, good calls, great mid-week updates and good sense of humor.”  –Werner N  9.13.17

“Solid level headed approach, I appreciate that.”  –Mark K  8.29.17

From a former subscriber (after moving on for personal reasons) who kindly sent a formal testimonial about NFTRH…

“I could write much more but I felt it was better if I just focused on one thing.

There are many good things that I can say about Gary’s Notes, but I found the most striking and useful aspect to be his focus on staying objective and being cognizant of his biases. It is all too easy for one to put the blinders on and see the world the way one wants to see it, rather than the way it is. I am guilty of this myself on many occasions; however, I noticed that after subscribing to Notes I was more patient with my trades and grounded in my investment philosophy. The broad media does a fantastic job of injecting a great amount of mania and panic into our minds, showing us patterns that don’t really exist, and tugging at our subconscious biases. Gary’s Sunday morning report is always a welcome sight in my inbox to give me a fresh and level-headed perspective on the markets and the issues affecting them. I recommend without reservation Gary’s service, especially to anyone who manages their own portfolio.”  –Joshua R  8.27.17

“Thanks as always for your great and steady work… ”  –Stephen M  8.13.17

“Hi Gary, Kudos on your work this week.  For example, Make Way for Uncle Buck is a masterpiece and I’ll refer back to it quite a few times in the coming month.   I’m feeling highly unconfused at the moment!”  –Michael M  7.28.17

“Thanks for all you do my first report was amazing!”  –Michael T  6.26.17

“Great letter this week. Super interesting and insightful. Seriously. Well done!”  –Rick K  6.18.17

“As an accomplished TA, you probably don’t etch your targets in concrete. If I’m not mistaken, you rode the Semis significantly above your original target placed over a year ago. The challenge, I suppose, is to not mix – or confuse – your target-raising TA considerations with that oh-too-human element of greed – I doubt that you have that problem. Face it … yours was a great call!”  –Harold C  6.7.17

“Thank you for your informative and educational newsletter. I would like to change my monthly subscription to annual. Your work is helping this novice investor begin to understand the market a little and stop chasing the bounces, and buying into downtrends… I have finally tuned out the “analysts” who are merely promoting worthless schemes. I needed a larger (and honest) perspective, which you have provided.”  –Mike S  6.4.17

“Thanks again for all your help Gary and such prompt attention.  And most definitely enjoying your updates and your style of writing and analysis.”  –Chris W  5.30.17

“IHI – I think this is one of the hidden value add type views/calls that NFTRH had that no one else did.”  –Joe F  5.24.17

“Fyi I subscribed to [name withheld] Deliberations for many years. It was a good read but [he] was so conservative that he never really gave you much actionable advice – more of a look back, not forward. I enjoy your work as it combines historical trends with forward-looking ideas. I also subscribe to Bob Hoye/Ross Clark’s Institutional Advisors. It is a bit more arcane, but it is a good compliment to your work. Plus Hoye’s opinions on anthropogenic global warming are very entertaining.”  –Michael C  3.30.17

“Funny thing is, I really look at the trades you throw out there as an added bonus, and not the reason I subscribe- I think your overall analysis is the best out there…..just my .02”  –Dirk T  3.21.17

“Thanks Gary. That is very helpful to my decision making.”  –D.J. D.  3.9.17

“Great newsletter. I am not much of a trader so some of trade info is a bit outside of my cozy little comfort zone. However, I truly value [and] relate to a broad-based, macro, Global Market perspective based on technical analysis and I believe your newsletter helps me keep the S.S Retirement Fund away from the icebergs.”  –Kirk R  3.3.17

“I was a Portfolio Manager at  various banks during my career – so I am fairly knowledgeable about the markets – and your work is on par with many of the best strategists!”  –Rich C  2.26.17

“Thanks as always for your mental clarity.”  –Bret M  2.24.17

“Thanks, and I love your service.”  –Tom M  2.24.17

“Thanks for all of your updates! Very much appreciate the ongoing valuable insights.”  –Stan L  2.14.17

As a sign-off to an email… “Your subscriber who would be better of doing what you say rather than just listening to what you say”  –Doug D  2.13.17

“Yes, I do want to renew (at the original rate). I have been reducing my investment-related subscriptions somewhat lately, but yours is one of the few that is objective, well-written, and consistently useful. So please send me the link to renew!”  –Jim S  2.12.17

“I will be back for a yearly subscription in the next month or two.  Going on vacation without internet access and looking forward to coming back refreshed.  Love your insightful service!”  –Kyle J  2.7.17

“Your work is so thorough, really great. I have followed you on twitter for awhile and got the free emails, and really appreciate all the work you do at a very reasonable cost.”  –Karyn Y  2.6.17

“Thanks for the note and for your great work.  I’ve learned a lot from your newsletter.”  –Walter J  2.1.17

“Many thanks for your weekly letter. I’ve been a subscriber for some time but have only recently started to prioritize your mails and can only say that your charts and comments are outstanding.”  –Hans B  1.25.17

“Hi Gary, I just renewed for a year and want to say “thank you” for your great service! There is a great need for independent analysis in these crazy times. Also, I liked your musical selection yesterday and always enjoy your political commentary.”  –Jess V  1.17.17

“I notice an evolution over the last 12 months to a solidly rounded presentation of all markets, with no trace at all of enthusiasms for any particular sector or asset class. Very professional. Please keep up the really excellent analysis.  –Andrew C  1.16.17

“Hey Gary, great write up.”  –Nazir A  1.6.17

“Absolutely sterling job this year Gary.  Really happy with the balance and thoughtfulness of your analysis.  Much appreciated.  Merry Christmas from Kitzbuhel, Austria.”  –Richard W  12.25.16

“Thanks for keeping us on the right side of the markets.”  –Michael M  12.22.16

“Glad to be back on board.”  –Joe S  12.8.16

“By the way, you do good work.  Like your service.  Hope you keep it going.”  –Charles B  11.30.16

“I live totally off grid here in Xxxxx farming chocolate and your guidance is invaluable for swings. Here’s to you!!”  –David C  11.29.16

“It doesn’t surprise me that you have a lot of subscribers that have been fortunate enough (and continue to be) very successful- if I had found your analysis in 2010 when I started this process (investing our money), it would have cut years off the learning curve.  Intelligence seeks out intelligence just as iron sharpens iron, and most people I know and have done business with on this end abhor bullshit. Your site is basically what I would call “anti-bullshit”- no hype, just facts with solid reasoning and rationale, as well as hard numbers without emotion.    I think you have to see how much truly horrible advice is consistently disseminated by the financial “media” and “contributors” to truly understand what good analysis is.”  –DT  11.24.16

“Nice mid-week update Gary.  Appreciate it.”  –Richard W  11.17.16

“Gary, First of all thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to your principles.  I find your perspective and insight extremely beneficial and consistently valuable.”  –Matt D  11.11.16

“Thanks Gary for the timely update! We in Asia went through a roller coaster in real time!  –Florence O  11.9.16

“I’m [a] former subscriber. I meant to send you some feedback awhile ago, but life got in the way. Anyway NFTRH, in my opinion, is the best no nonsense straight forward market analysis I have found. So why am I not a subscriber anymore? I just needed a break. I thought it was a good time to book some profits against losses and go to cash until this debacle of an election is over with. I’ll see where things are at in the new year. All the best to you and yours.”  –Joseph S  10.28.16

“Very nice, consistent with your evaluations of the market. This clarity and reality is why I read you constantly. Thanks again.”  –Gary F  10.20.16

“Very useful [NFTRH update on HUI]. Thanks Gary!”  –Doug D  10.7.16

“Thank you for your quality work.”  –Hardeep G  9.23.16

“Gary, It almost feels like a slight betrayal, but I feel like it is time for me to cancel my subscription.  You’ve taught me a lot over the last several years, and I now feel ready “fly” on my own.  Thanks for all your insights.”  –Joe B  9.15.17  [this is music to my ears… GT]

“Thanks Gary.  This HUI update is really helpful. I think you have a great service.”  –Tom M  9.12.16

“Good Morning Gary,  Please note I have a new email address and send future issues of NFTRH to  Enjoy every issue and don’t want to miss one.”  –JT L  9.11.16

“I have been a subscriber for just 2-3 months and enjoy reading your views. Although I focus almost solely on the natural resources sectors, particularly Precious Metals of late, I was very interested to read  your work regarding the semis vis-à-vis the general market . . . well done! Your work on Au and Ag is also greatly appreciated!”  –Harold C  9.7.16

“I really value your info highly. Thx for your service…”  –Torsten S  9.7.16

“Great call picking the [gold stock] bottom last week Gary!”  –Frederick L  9.6.16

“Hello Gary, I’ve been reading your work for some time now. I do appreciate it and think I can understand a fair bit of it. So thanks, I don’t much like the monthly payments and prefer the discount, so would you kindly move me to an annual subscription?”  –Joris H  9.6.16

“Gary, I don’t have enough words in English to express [to] you how satisfied I am with my recent subscription to NFTRH.”  –Julio O  9.1.16

“Much –much- more than a light in the darkness… this is a neon sign showing the way to go! Thanks.”  –Julio O  8.25.16

“I’m very impressed by your service thus far.”  –Howard C  8.25.16

“My two active subscriptions are NFTRH and Gary Savage.  Very different styles but you are both pointing me in the right direction.  Thanks for all you do!”  –Barry K  8.16.16

“Thanks for the great stuff you keep producing. Very helpful, indeed.”  –Werner N  8.11.16

“Great report as always today.”  –Lance N  8.7.16

“Really appreciate the midweek analysis Gary.  Very clear.”  –Richard W  8.3.16

“Thank you, Gary, for your great job! I like the summary at the end of your market update, very clear and easy to grasp.”  –Ralph B  7.22.16

“I don’t subscribe to many newsletters but your sober tone is always very appreciated and in stark contrast to to most financial media.”  –Rafael G  7.9.16

“Re: $SOX. Gary, Great call here…..from your most recent fan.”  –Jay F  7.8.16

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“Just a short note to say many thanks for your email, the speed and thoroughness of you reply was excellent. Equally your recent post regarding the COT has arrived via email from NFTRH to remind me yet again ‘let the market come to oneself’, there is no need to chase it. Apologies if I sound too gushing but your stewardship of NFTRH is quite remarkable.”  –Gus K  2.27.16

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Absolutely wish I had subscribed when I first heard about you (~4 years ago). You sent me some sample issues as a IKN subscriber over the years and they did not convey the additional value your service provides with the prioritized and timely updates.” –George P 4.2.14

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“Many precious metal commentators say that technical analysis is, at best, questionable in heavily manipulated markets. However, your record since I became a subscriber to your service has debunked the veracity of that aforementioned school of thought!” –James G 12.22.14

“I did a review of investing services last week and you easily made the cut. The same cannot be said for xxxx xxxxx or xxxxx xxxxxxxxx [very well known].” –Douglas D 1.4.14

“I’ve never written to you before and so would also like to just say thank you for the most useful read I have all week.”  –Aristodemos K  12.30.13

“I own a lot of small cap (development stage) PM miners, and I am hedged at this point, but to be filed under coulda, shoulda, woulda, I wish I had gotten 100% hedged a few months ago when you were very clear about downside risk on the $HUI.” –John H 12.20.13

“Hi Gary, thanks for your excellent work. Your comments on the current trend and the macro outlook in the precious metal sector helped me greatly to remain careful and stay intact in this market.” –Stephan S. 12.10.13

“Thank you for sharing your trades. Few other newsletter authors are willing to put their trades out there, in fear of losses showing their poor trading style, while putting on a facade of omniscience. This of course flies in the face of full disclosure, a universal principle, which if ignored, comes back to haunt the poser: viz the usgov. Keep up the good work. I subscribe to several advisories, and yours is the most active. What you put in, you get out.” –Robert B 12.10.13

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“I continue to find your style of writing very constructive and I am a very satisfied subscriber.” –James G 9.23.13

“Congratulations Gary. You did the correct play. Lets make money with that call.” –Baltasar G 9.18.13

“Your analysis is the “only” analysis I take seriously because it is the only one that does what it is supposed to do, which is show the macro and technical situation in real time, without strong bias. I’m not sure what kind of feedback you get but do not change a thing…” –Simon W 9.17.13

“Just keep doing what you are doing. It is quite helpful, and in your consistency, it is easy to understand where u r coming from. Updates like this one actually are you at your most helpful to me.” –Reuben C 9.17.13

“Gary: Just want to say: Your newsletter rarely makes me “feel good”. It always makes me feel more informed.” –Gary F 9.15.13

“You do help me, even though I’m more of a longer term investor.” –Ed B 9.15.13

“Simply solid stuff as I go through it a second time.” –Joseph F 7.21.13

“What I want to say is that I have learned very muct from reading you these past couple of years. I would have never even have thought about that [HUI-Gold] ratio two years ago. I have been through several up and downs with this market, even bought a good amount of silver in 1972 and sold it in 1980 at 49 (pure luck), but it made me put attention on the metals etc. Last year and a half has been rough, but you have made more sense of it consistently than anyone else I have read (and I read a lot), and it has been easier to manage and understand. So…. Thank you” –Gary F 7.16.13

“I really like your work. Wish I would have found it earlier. You are way more intellectually honest than most and certainly more disciplined than I am (re precious metals complex especially). So good for you.” –Joseph F 7.12.13

“Gary, As far as I’m aware, no other service provides these kinds of updates at critical junctures, let alone from such a well-reasoned yet humble perspective (i.e., the market is bigger than all of us and there are no gurus).

You are a voice of balance and sanity within the most manic community (gold bugs) on God’s green earth (geez, I haven’t used the term God’s green earth in a long time – maybe it should be God’s greedy earth?).

Anyway, this is why I remain a loyal subscriber. As always, keep up the great work.” –Ray V 6.27.13

“Hi Gary, I personally really appreciate these kind of updates. I generally know your investment philosophy but I also like knowing the timing of some of your moves. I am free to do the same or do whatever I feel is correct at the time. But I do like that confirmation of what I “think” you might be doing. So feel free to continue with these kind of updates, as well as the technical and macro updates. I really feel that it adds a lot of value to the already exceptional service you provide. Thanks. –Simon W 6.27.13

“Gary, IMO you’re handling this decline much better than any other gold bull.” –Jovan D 6.26.13

“i really like the last line you wrote in this mornings update ‘so another point of this update is that gold bugs – even the ones prepared for the destruction – should go about their business with humility and open minds as opposed to the hubris that many have experienced up until 2013.’

One has to learn from this correction. I had blinders on listening to the goldbugs. Not going to happen again lucky I still have some cash to make buys at these low levels.” –Paul R 6.26.13

“LOL… I agree. You’ve been talking about this scenario for a while and it must be satisfying to watch it come together.” –Guy A 6.21.13

“That was a really strong edition Gary, packed with all the stuff you do best. Interesting floating the thoughts on carry trade, too.” –Mark T 6.2.13

“Damn you Gary for being so sane during this madness! I’ve called 7 of the past 2 bottoms…..a sub was scathing at me, I sent him your way! (Honestly bc it reflects good on me in the end)” –Gold Stock Newsletter Writer 5.16.13

Gary: I highly respect your determination to work at being open and honest, to go/act with your thoughts and feelings, and also have the courage to back up, change when acting on your thoughts is discovered to be wrong for you. It could be a great role model for people: your kids, your subscribers etc. Thank you” –Gary F 5.6.13

“Thanks Gary, That was the perfect read. Well done. Your letter helps me from slashing my wrists because it is so freaking honest and knowledgeable.” –Julian M 5.5.13

“Hi Gary, Thank you for the refund [PayPal Admin error]. I thought about asking for it in my previous email but I decided not to because you actually saved me thousands of dollars with your service. I thought the one time double payments would be like a small “tip” as a thank you or something, but you’ve already made the refund before I could see this email. So anyhow, thank you for everything, Gary. –Tom B 5.5.13

“Having proved to myself that I couldn’t guess my way out of a paper bag (and having lost loads of those little paper thingies that come in useful for living day-to-day) I joined your site. I love it, because I’m impulsive by nature and you’ve been the voice of reason in my ear saying to wait for clarity. So keep the faith Gary – not in gold, silver or miners, but in your own glorious common sense. Cheers” –Simon C 5.3.13

“Thanks Gary for answering my questions. You have no idea how much it helps!! I have learned so much from you already. I like how you analyze things.” –Chris T 4.29.13

“Hi Gary: Just another note of thanks — for your calming, disciplined approach with the emphasis on risk management. Very much appreciated.” –Edwin M 4.27.13

“Thank you Gary for a very thoughtful answer. I am sorry I didn’t learn about your service earlier.” –Dennis G 4.21.13

“Good updates this week Gary!” –Gordon B 4.19.13

“Gary, Your updates are great and very much appreciated. :)” –Irena K 4.16.13

“I am extremely upset with you. But it isn’t because of your numerous pertinent updates. It is because you have managed this entire gold/miners debacle so well. I am sick and disgusted that I did not seek to replicate your cash positioning as now I am revisiting 2008 all over again and your frequent updates just reinforce how much better prepared you are to profit from the situation as opposed to those of us already crying for maternal assistance. I hate you. Well done. –Bob T 4.16.13

“Gary, I find your email updates very worthwhile and read each with interest. Please don’t be reticent about sending out too many. Like most people, my time is limited and often I do not get to reading the entire weekly newsletter (true confessions). Your emails throughout the day, on the other hand, I find to be perfect size morsel to digest.” –Kevin R 4.16.13

“Thanks for keeping me on track since HUI 400.” –Anthony D 4.15.13

“Your succinct analysis is a life saver here.” –Julian M 4.11.13

“Hi Gary, I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that I really appreciate your analysis. You’re understanding of the macro is second to none IMHO, and has been immensely valuable during these trying times.” –Simon W 4.7.13

“Perfect update in every way. Short concise, to the point, parameters. All makes sense. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Gary.” –Gwen C 4.3.13

“Gary, you are the only one who has gotten it right the past 8 months; these updates aren’t noise, but helpful – especially on days like today.” –Frederick L 4.3.13

“Are you intentionally trying to become the single most hated individual in “Goldbugsville”..??” –Comment @ on 3.28.13 (our response)

“When I came across your blog [subscribed to NFTRH in 2010 –ed] it was your determination to keep emotions, or beliefs, out of your analysis – that I found appealing. Though I do wish I had paid more attention when HUI lost 460 last year. That and the fact that I found your big picture macro view to be a lot more clear and concise than someone like [xxxx].” –Dave C 3.22.13

“Thank you for the great work. I appreciate the updates during the week.” –Mireille B 3.3.13

“I thought that nftrh 227 was even better than 226, which impressed me enough to get me to subscribe [226 was provided as a sample to eLetter readers -ed.] to another publication, just when I was starting to think they were all full of it.” –LL 2.26.13 (new subscriber)

“Just writing to say that I enjoy your candor and rigor. I get your newsletter to keep me on the right side of the market. Not many newsletters do that. I’m a satisfied reader.” –Gary 0 2.25.13

“Sure looks like your hui 300 target [actually, ‘low 300’s’ –ed.] will be hit Gary” – great job. –Fred L 2.20.13

“For once I am on the right side of a falling knife trade.LOL. I owe the change in attitude to you and Rambus. Love gold, but respect price action.” –Tim N 2.17.13

“By the way, I’ve been reading biiwii every day for many years, and know of no other blog that covers the areas with more logic and facts and emotionless content. It’s a haven.” –‘Bart’, proprietor of Nowandfutures.com2.11.13

“Hi Gary – Just wanted to say I really enjoyed this [NFTRH 225], and found it quite helpful in crystallizing some previously conflicted aspects of my market outlook. No buyer’s remorse on NFTRH whatsoever (except maybe remorse that I didn’t sign up sooner). Keep up the good work!” –Rich T 2.10.13

“Gary – You’re doing a great tracking job and keeping us aware of the various alternatives out there.” –Brad B 1.31.13

“Hey Mr. T., great analysis! I wish I subscribed to you a long time ago.” –Michael H 1.24.13

“Gary, just wanted to say, excellent update today in every way possible.” –Gwen C 1.4.13

“Very well played my friend. Keep up the EXCELLENT work.” –Pierre H 12.20.12

“Great work and great calls Gary! i think today was the final flush out, maybe tomorrow, but I suspect this drop was shorts defending their position and there was a ton of short covering.” –Fred L 12.18.12

“Thanks for all the work you do. I really enjoy your newsletter.” –Matt L 12.12.12

“As a novice TA guy, I had planned to subscribe to your NFTRH letter for a year as part of my ongoing education in the markets. I have learned a lot. I especially find your approach to ratio analysis very useful in understanding comparative advantages and now use several of your key ratios myself. Just so you know….cancellation in my case does not indicate any lack of satisfaction with NFTRH, just the conclusion of my one year plan.” –Kirk R 12.9.12

“I too am way too far in cash in my trading accounts (95%) but I’d rather miss the first part of a move than get trapped. Agree with your conservatism.” –Gary O 12.6.12

“The bottom line is this, I subscribe to you for a macro take on the markets which you do a fine job by the way but I also want to tap into your thinking on stock selection. You’re a smart guy and I see you as a filtration mechanism of good information!!!” –Lee S 11.20.12

“Thanks for the update today, I think we subscribers knew what you would be saying. I feel sorry for those gold mining investors not receiving your newsletter, as I imagine they must feel really dejected after a day like today.” –Gary M 11.2.12

“I receive input from a number of different technical services. Yours is one of the best.” –Bradley B 10.19.12

“Sometimes I have a hard time understanding everything you write, even after a second reading. That’s not because of how you write, but because what you write about is not easy. I take that as a challenge to learn, to get better at this. So keep doing what you’re doing, don’t try to make something easier to digest that inherently is difficult (at least for some of us), but rather, keep making us work at it. Thanks,” –Tom K 10.15.12

“My compliments. These kinds of calls are going to have subscribers signing up big time to your new service.” –Dan Q 10.10.12[Edit: ‘In-Week’ trading service idea scrapped for now because quality of life comes before $$$]

“Gary, Thanks a ton for these updates! During a week like this one — where my job and family have required all of my time, energy, and attention — these posts from you are sometimes my only contact with the market. Don’t worry so much about being a source of “noise” as it definitely helps to have this regular input from you throughout the week. I can only assume that you have other clients like me that not only appreciate the in-week information but are also just plain comforted by the fact of knowing that you’re on the job when they can’t be. Regards,” –Tom A 10.5.12

“Meant to tell you that I obviously appreciate the coverage you provide, appreciate the updates very much, and appreciate the manner [in] which you deliver the service. The only suggestion I have is that you get the trading service up and running. Define your parameters and go for it.” –Rich K 9.26.12

“Hello Gary: I don’t often comment on or interact with newsletter authors but your update this morning calls for a change in the norm. Let me say that your NFTRH has saved me 1000’s of dollars. And that I consider found or made money. Why?

1. It is an objective (or as objective as anyone can be) assessment of the markets.
2. It attempts to look at the complex interplay between different markets.
3. It is balanced. BALANCED. Very few other services come anywhere close.
4. It focuses on risk. If there’s anything to be learned from the last 15 years in the market is to never ever minimize risk. Thanks.
5. It is honest. That’s a word seldom heard anymore. When you are not sure, you say so. You admit your mistakes. You acknowledge your correct calls.
6. I don’t know you personally, of course, but from the way you write it sure appears you are a humble man. Pride always precedes the pit.
7. You offer the possibility of short and medium term analysis. IMHO both are useful. Both help.

If I could offer one word of advice…actually your own works… it would be to filter out the ‘noise’ from subs. You will never be all things to all people. Don’t try. Stay the course Gary. And many thanks for your excellent and helpful work. It is tough, extremely tough, [out] there and you make no bones about that. And that’s where your insights are so helpful.

Please don’t change. With gratitude,” –Edwin M 9.25.12

“Hi Gary, I’m a subscriber who very much appreciates your work both weekly & updates.
You can sign me up for your new update service as soon as available.” –Joe C 9.25.12

“Gary, First I just want to say that you are the best and no one cuts through the BS like you! Thx.” –Mario R 9.19.12

“You, on the other hand, have backed up your words with shitloads of thorough. solid. hard. work, and got us thru these hard 10 months, out in Feb thanks to you, cashed up and catatonic for 6 months, and dippin the toes in since the July-ish pivot.” –Julian M 9.16.12

“Been a great last two weeks to return to trading gold/silver miners. Playing old favorites AZK, IAG, AAU, NEM and a few others as well as a couple of forays into GDXJ and GDX. 23 trades in 8 days, every one closed out profitably. As always, your insight and technical parameters in NFTRH and email updates have been valuable to me.” –Scott H 8.24.12

“Re No.200, firstly well done on reaching that number. Great report, very thorough.” –Gary M 8.19.12

“By the way, not sure if you followed ECYT, one I asked you about a ways back. You indicated 10 as a target. Well, its almost there! Nice work. –Richard K 8.17.12

“Gary, this is a piece of fan mail for you. I have only been a subscriber for 6+months and am delighted by your weekly letter (and mid-week updates) and how you include your thought process both as a robot and human trader. The compliment here is particularly how you layer in and concisely communicate the ‘honest’ nuances of the human side of contemplating the charts. Happy to be aboard as a subscriber.” –Jason P 6.25.12

“Hi Gary, I did not find the letter [NFTRH 193] grinding at all. After last week, I was searching for information and some kind of analysis, and you provided it. The market is what it is, and right now it sucks. If that makes for tough and grinding news letters, I’m fine with that. In fact, its a necessary gage for me as an investor.” –Simon W 6.25.12

“Gary, I love your model portfolio idea. Thanks for putting that into your newsletter because it helps me orient myself safely.” –Sid A 6.10.12

“I continue to be amazed how you seem to find some of the most interesting ones – at the same time I do – because I only look at the charts after I look at the fundies, in order to guess on pricing.” –Frederick L 6.8.12

“Hey Gary: I have stayed with you because you have tracked my own feelings and belief the closest of all the (many) people I read. And, you do it without being blindly rabid pro gold, or despairingly negative gold ( at different times). I have found your information to be supportive of my own beliefs, and have helped clarify specifics. You never tell your subscribers what to do with specific stocks, but your information is quite specific with balance. I also think your ratio charts and how you look at things is uniquely helpful. Hope that this is the beginning of another ramp up towards the other side of the deflation/inflation process. I feel I am well positioned this time around. Thanks for your help in the process.” –Gary F 6.3.12

“Gary, I really appreciate the personal touch and concern in your communications: they are appreciated and show how much you genuinely care about your subscribers. Thanks.” –Derek C 5.29.12

“Gary, As always, your comments are sound, sensible and based on [parameters] which you have referred to during this whole period. Thanks for your guidance and chart translations and all the work you do to bring us reality.” –Karen K 5.29.12

“In March, I signed up with NFTRH for a month to give it a try. Your work’s been steadying at a time when I need it.” –Darin G 4.26.12

“Thanks very much for your wonderful service (in all senses of that oft overused term).” –David N 4.23.12

“Great letter as usual Gary! I appreciate the detailed analysis… Since I was a lurker before a subscriber, I’m particularly grateful for many months of freebie analysis.” –Bart B 5.21.12

“One of the things you don’t highlight enough in your promos is customer service. The newsletter is great, and I appreciate the hard work. But your customer service is top notch. I ask off the cuff questions and always get straight/detailed answers. Thanks.” –Blog comment from subscriber ‘coasta’ 4.15.12

“Was just reading the October 2008 NFTRH editions. Wow! Such great calls on the price targets for the HUI and AU.” –Derek C 4.14.12 (new subscriber)

“Love your work, and am truly grateful that I have you on my side!” –Mario R 4.8.12

“Gary, thanks for what you do, your updates have been of great value to me.” –Mathieu R 4.6.12

“Gary, I love these updates. I feel like I have you in the next office for
questions….. keep it up.” –Jason I 3.29.12

“I really enjoyed your Sunday NFTRH!” –Patrick C 3.29.12

“Awesome insight into PVG. I like the micro as much as the macro. Allows people like me to adjust positions and look for opportunities. Hoping for XX.7 for PVG ;-)” –Aditya W 3.22.12

“Gary, Thanks for the big picture update this morning. It helps — at least me — when you pull back and show us the ‘forest’ after having taken us down into the ‘trees’ like yesterday. Awesome service!” –Tom A 3.21.12

“I for one, appreciate ALL information you provide. Very valuable for me, especially because you combine TA w/ fundamentals.” –GC 3.20.12

“Love this, Gary!! I know you don’t want to be running a trading service, and I respect that. But this kind of occasional advisory about buying opps and prices targets near market bottoms (as you did back in 2008) is a HUGE help to subscribers like me who simply don’t have the time to trade and are looking to establish longer-term positions. Keep ’em coming. (And if you DO decide to sell your other business and run a trading service after all, sign me up! :-)” –Stephen M 3.20.12

“Thanks for the excellent service Gary. You help give shape to a difficult market.” –Pierre H 3.20.12

“Hi Gary: I’m enjoying the recent sub and your thoughts — they are a wonderful balancing act to the misinformation especially with regard to the gold bugs.” –Edwin M 3.14.12

“Gary, from a pure hard-nosed analytical POV, even if in real life you are a strumming widget maker, you are becoming one of the best people I read.” –Jonathan A, Managing Director, Auerbach Grayson, NYC 3.14.12

“Nice note this morning. LOVING the action today.” –Navin V 3.14.12

“Very good update Gary, many thanks for this.” –Trevor G 3.14.12

“Great post – thank you!” –Ann F 3.14.12

“Looking forward to your analysis this week. I’ve stepped up my game since reading your weekly, thanks for the help.” –Jim W 3.4.12

The thoughts of a fellow blogger who I respect greatly for his integrity can be found here in this post at IKN . –GT (biiwii) 2.29.12

“Hi Gary, 1st let me say thank you for the excellent work you provide to your subscribers. I’m an old fart & will not become a short term trader. However if you decide to start a 2nd service count me in. It has to help me with timing & even if it doesn’t I will be pleased to support you because of the quality of your present NFTRH.” –Joe C 2.20.12

“Hello, I’m a recent subscriber, and I enjoy your weekly letter and intra-week emails. I appreciate your perspective and insights on the weekly/monthly timeframe. As for a new service, I would be most interested in a “swing trading” type timeline (2-4 days, or more of holding time) rather than an intraday frequency. I’ll never complain about too much email though. All-in-all, I’m a happy subscriber, please keep it up!” –CW 2.19.12

“I enjoy your work and appreciate your efforts” –Will M 1.31.12

“Thanks for your great newsletter” –Monica M 1.31.12

“Wonderfull update. Thank you so much for your analyses this year, it has allowed me (us) to consolidate so much. Would be a ship without a rudder without you mate.” –Julian M 1.26.12

“Thanks so much for resending your last 2 messages. I read many analysts for their opinions on the markets, but I value yours the most and it is my only subscription.” –Frank M 1.18.12

“Gary, Just to let you know I think your #170 is brilliantly thought out, written, and presented. It is worth more money. Another happy subscriber.” –Julian M 1.17.12

“Love your work – discovered you through IKN, but you have become my “must read” … Please keep it coming!!!” –Richard A 1.9.12

“What’s particularly regrettable is that I was up 50% year-to-date on Labor [Day]. My big mistake was not realizing how overbought gold had become in August. Shoulda, coulda, woulda listened to you on that one as you were all over it.” –Douglas D 1.1.12

“Brilliant calls. Nothing else to add. All the best to you, enjoy the holidays. Looking forward to 2K12!” –Pierre H 12.29.11

“Good work, Gary! Excellent timing (to the best of our knowledge), excellent companies.” –GC 12.29.11

“Dear Gary, I am a new subscriber and I am enjoying your take on the markets.” –Frank M 12.28.11

“I actually think this past year was the most difficult market environment I have experienced thus far in 25 years of following them. I am hoping I learned a great deal that I can capitalize on moving forward. I think that will be the case . Reading your newsletter certainly contributed a great deal to my ability to interpret and “deal” with these markets.” –Richard K 12.25.11

“Very good note. I’ve read all of the [financial writers] on occasion, they are blinkered (as I used to be, perhaps taking my cue from them) but you are just pragmatic. Which is what is needed.

It’s been a good year for my clients, mostly sat in Gilts all year, up by around 8% or so, just waiting for that ‘bottom’ to appear, and major QE, to switch back to risk assets (yeah, I know, Gilts a non-risk asset, as if). Your letter has helped all year to guide the way. Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year.” –Gary M 12.20.11

“Great job by the way keeping track of the precarious situation, it has helped us tremendously to have someone with their own skin in the game providing such useful technical assessments.” –Tom S ( 12.20.11

“Personally –I believe 2013 will present total collapse. The greatest depression where only the strongest will survive. On behalf of my family -I express heart felt gratitude to you and your work Gary. Keep up the more than good work.” –Julian M 11.27.11

“Hi Gary, I don’t like your idea with the weekly alternating stuff … please just keep it like it is. Kind regards” –Dirk F 11.24.11 [ed: we did, w/ improvements ;-)]

“Listen Gary, no shit. I read a tremendous amount. I have sampled and subscribed to several letters. I don’t want you to get the big head, but you are hands down the best. Your ratio work is stand alone. Nobody that I know did that till you started showing it. The one thing I’ve learned from you is that you want to try to be on the right side. I think you have a lot of tools to get us on the right side. Whether we listen and react is up to us.” –Mike C 11.23.11

“Summaries would be nice, especially when there is a lot of terrain to navigate. That said, however, one thing I really like about you versus **** is that you always connect the dots and **** often does not. His weekly ******* ****** is much shorter, and on many occasions requires the reader to take a leap of faith in terms of how certain conclusions are reached. I never have to do that with you. I like the fact that you don’t predict as much as you interpret what the data – which you always share – is telling you. Have a nice holiday.” –Reuben C 11.23.11

“Much of the charm of NFTRH is that it is oracle-like and not telling you to do this or that. You risk getting pigeonholed if you start playing to the fkkn asshl peanut gallery dude, and your view on the markets is worth 100X the normal. Do not succumb to being a commetator that assholes understand, because that, eventually, will make you an………………yup you guessed it. Just mho of course, that of somebody further outside than you, the outsider. I’m being utterly selfish of course because I’d hate to lose your voice as part of my weekly mix.” –Mark T 11.23.11 [ed: you got it sir!]

“Thanks for your analysis. I often find your week-end edition too complex
for me but like the way you’re doing it during the week!” –Jean-Marc E 11.10.11

“Hi Gary…I like the way you mention what you hold in your portfolio…anyone with a working brain can do some dd and understand why. Please dont become the stock picker as I believe it justs makes it all too cumbersome and hurts everybody…buy and sell as you please when you please and let us know what in the bag is fine by me.” –Steve P 11.7.11

“Anyway, and as well, I did want to tell you that I find your service nothing short of outstanding and can’t imagine anyone or any service better. Your calls on when risk is low and when it’s high are always prudent and well taken and I do like the NFTRH email updates. A while back on your blog I recall you mentioning about “bludgeoning” your subscribers with updates. Well, keep ‘em coming as far as I’m concerned whenever warranted and thanks for them. Short of becoming an all out stock picker which you refuse to do, I’ve noticed that a little bit more, you’ll throw the odd bit of TA out there about a particular stock “for our consideration” if we’re interested. So I think that you’ve got a real nice balance now without going all in as a stock picker. –Bruce S 10.10.11

“Hello Gary, Just finished up with issue 155 and feel it’s some of the best work you’ve done to date. For me anyway, this is why I subscribe, when everyone is in a tither you present the markets as they actually are. If your service was a stock it would be paying out dividends this week. Well done. Thank you,” –Garry C 10.2.11

“Thanks again for your dedication to your clients. I feel I’m benefiting immensely from your service. I’ve been trying to get my friend on board as well. He’s been losing money on his stock picks so I’ve been telling him about the great choices you’ve made in PM’s.” –Patrick C 9.17.11

“Just want to let you know how much I appreciate the awesome job you continue to do. Your work on the weekly newsletter is valuable enough, but these frequent email updates truly go above and beyond. It is your calm, unbiased, unemotional perspective that helps the most – I have learned a lot about technical analysis but more importantly about the value of patience from you.” –Ray V 9.16.11

“Hi Gary, Since becoming a subscriber, i’ve learned a lot from you on how to manage my own portfolio risk. I still can’t believe i never used “Relative to” charting until [seeing] your work. In addition, thanks so much for providing your intraday updates…. they’re awesome.” –John A 9.14.11

“Man, Gary. You’ll definitly have to put this up on the blog after this short-term storm blows over. I’m sure there are a lot of very nervous folks out there right now wishing they’d have sprung for your NFTRH sub. Thanks a ton for your steady hand!” –Tom A 9.14.11

“You cannot be all things to all people. So look within and be yourself. That’s what I want from you, what you are thinking and seeing. If I don’t want to look, I don’t.” –Michael T 9.14.11

“Love your work. I’m a lot more risk tolerant than you and I like the way you “balance me out”. –Doug D 8.21.11

“Hi Gary, Great letter this weekend… thanks for all the efforts and personalized service you offer.” –Normand J 8.15.11

“Gary, this was one of your best pieces. Very clear, little jargon, and quite helpful. Keep it coming.” –Reuben C 8.14.11

“Gary, I do not write to you often as I figure you are busy enough, but I had to drop you a note to say super update! I was sitting at my screen wondering what to do next and you have just given me the sound counsel I was looking for to deal with this market. It makes me wonder how other people who are not subscribers handle these markets…” –Mario R 8.5.11

“Gary, This one post of yours saved me a lot of money today. Your analysis I have grown to trust, and this posting confirmed several signals I was getting from the market today. As a result, I did a rare thing- sold a lot, and right away- before the cliff dive. Not just for this post, but for all your postings- THANK YOU. I really appreciate all you do, and how you do it!” –Mike W 8.4.11

“Gary, Thank you very much for your timely morning update suggesting taking profits until all is clear!!!” –Lyling H 7.27.11

“ps i wanted to also point out that you are saving me money on the buy/sell side but also i have let many other newsletters expire b/c of your excellent work…hence, you have saved me money and time in that regard as well…” –Joseph M 7.20.11

“Hi. Just wanted to say that I am very glad I subscribed a few weeks ago. I have added a significant amount of “insurance” of numerous types based upon your analysis, including more yesterday. I had been on the fence until receiving your email update yesterday. It really looks as if your analysis and interpretations have been absolutely correct and my portfolio thanks you.” –Bob T 6.23.11

“Gary, Thank you again for your great newsletter. I look forward to it every weekend. –Monica D 6.23.11

“Hi Gary, Great update, thanks! So, the reason I’m writing is in response to your “Spontaneous NFTRH Promo…” post. I was about to put something on your blog but wanted to bounce this off you first, as I’m not sure if it would look cheesy giving you + feedback there. Bottom line, I want to give you positive feedback but I want to do it the best way and I’m not sure what that is.

I wanted to say that, “since August 2007 I have been searching for someone who can both sift through the bullshit AND invest accordingly. From both a profit perspective and my own moral perspective I wanted to find one who could see the world and market for what it is. I can’t tell you how many out there can do the former but not do the latter, and vice verse.

I first saw some of your work on Seeking Alpha and then I think Tim Knight mentioned you a few times – as he is always looking for an opportunity to be contrarian your PM stance, lol! [me: I think Tim Knight sometimes references a different gold bug ‘Gary’, or maybe it was me… not sure] At any rate, my mental notes finally pointed me to your blog. I found some excellent analysis that was both real and surprisingly contrarian to popular market thinking, even contrarian to what I thought was ‘smart’ market thinking. I signed up in Jan. ’11 (finally) and immediately started to grow my capital and then, importantly, preserve that capital! I haven’t found anyone who has the patience you have, nor the ability to sift through the tea leaves as you can. I’ve found a consummate professional here in the Rabbit Hole and am happy to say I’m done shopping around.”

Honestly, I’m not gushing, just calling it as I see it. You are welcome to use this, in whole or parts, in any way you see fit and/or I am happy to post this myself on your blog.

Regards, Dave (a.k.a. Shell Game on your blog)” 6.22.11

“Re: Money Supply & Inflation (& a mini screed) That was superb, one of the best pieces i’ve seen written on how the unfolding macro ties in with personal money decisions…not just by you but by anyone. I’ve always found it difficult to write that type of piece, because the line between financial sanity and the tinfoilhat mob is very fine. Easy to fall off the tightrope, but you did it so well. Feel good about that section and i’d love to see you put it up on your blog later in the week to get a wider audience to it.” –Mark T 6.19.11

“Gary, Pages 16 & 17 re ‘off-grid’ – excellent! I read twice and wrote the points down in a notebook immediately. Things we all know, but need reminders. And so well put… I cashed in, (penalties, taxes and all), every $ of my family’s IRAs in ’06. (Back then, I was called ‘crazy’.) Held the cash, then used it to top off our gold and silver bullion holdings purchased back in ’02, when PM’s went on sale in ’08. Whether 401(k)’s are forced into Treasuries, or just heavily taxed, or control taken away from us … it’s coming. Never thought of it that way, but slowly going off-grid makes sense. Taking more control for ourselves. Thank you!!!” –Gwen C 6.19.11

“Thanks for the continued hard work and being who you are. It is comforting for me to know there are people out there like yourself. I hope you never get too tired or discouraged from what you do. I know for me, sometimes I get caught up in frustration with what goes on out there in the world. The deception, lies, etc. But having a newborn that is totally dependent, alters the outlook. I get what you mean more nowadays when you say, its just the markets, even though I already felt I got it. We all have to keep going for the sake of the future generations.” –Michael H 6.19.11

Brilliant Again [well, his words not mine; just doing my job] Love charts pages 12-14. Love anecdote on you vs. PH. You go dude.” –Larry L 6.19.11

“Thanks Gary, it’s a clear message.” –Dan Q 6.19.11

“Gary, Just back home, read the letter. Well done. It was solidly written, and effectively to the point(s). Clearly you were on your game today.” –Jeff C 6.5.11

“Gary, Your letter is, hands down, the best information I’ve ever received. (Easily understood charts, simple to-the-point narration, useable information.) And I believe I read some of the best, for thinking & different viewpoints.

I’ve only read today’s NFTRH (new subscriber today) and I feel much more confident already in how to keep an eye on market direction for portfolio protection. I was grinning from ear to ear as I read. I am not a chartist, but follow along and believe, at times, they can become self-fulfilling. I do, however, understand macro economics and secular bull markets. I’ve been in the gold secular bull market since 2002. I read a LOT, but again, for the first time I don’t feel like I’m ‘flailing’.” –Gwen C 5.16.11

“Gary, Another really great issue. Well considered, and brilliantly (yeah, really!) written. I appreciate your thoughtful comments about the markets, your concerns and reasons for your decisions and recommendations. I am not a chartist, but appreciate its value and continue to learn from your examples and commentary. In the five months or so that I have been getting your newsletter I continue to learn, taking my DD in much different directions than I have in the past. I appreciate your conservative and honest work.” –Karen K 5.2.11

“Gary, thanks for the frequent updates. Given that we are at such a critical juncture, they are enormously helpful.” –Reuben C 5.2.11

“Amongst newsletter writers and/or bloggers, you write much more intelligently by far, than most.” –Bruce S 5.1.11

“Brilliant issue, Gary. Hugely helpful. Your level-headed chart reading is a much-needed corrective to my inner terrified gold bug, the one who got squished in ‘08 and desperately wants to sell right now. It’s no wonder the sector is cowering in a corner; we’re all victims of Post Traumatic Market Syndrome and undergoing a collective flashback and freak out. As I once learned in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction: “Thoughts are not facts.” Thoughts are just thoughts. Charts, on the other hand, are facts. I’ll go with the facts.” –Stephen M 5.1.11

“Good evening Gary, from NFTRH133: ‘….with Wall Street able to tout a nice bullish S&P 500, and pretend silver at $46.50 is not happening.’

your newsletter is soo this morning.. ;)

Couldn’t resist the rib, silver futures just pinned $49.82 10:20p.m. PST, lawdy have mercy… By the way, I’ve been making money ever since recently joining your service, you’ve made it fun again. Many thanks.” –David W. 4.25.11

“Gary, Thank you for such GREAT comments and analysis of the markets. Along with Otto’s newsletter, I really look forward to Sundays for NFTRH. I am a new subscriber — about a month now, and I have learned tons of info from you.” –Karen K 3.6.11

“Hello Gary, Wanted to let you know that we really appreciate the excellent macro, technical and sector analysis that you have been doing. The main reason we became subscribers recently is to help reduce the amount of primary research we need to do in order to discent and evaluate the most relevant events and factors affecting the markets where we invest and speculate. We’ve found your analysis to be among the most objective and unclouded by politics or preconceptions about economic and social outcomes. This type of level-headed approach is a rarity and we feel that serious investors have much to gain from it.” –Metal Augmentor 2.21.11

“Dear Gary, Just a quick note to say, in my opinion, NFRTH 123 was first class. I remember in late 2009 and early 2010 your mantra was “risk is rising”. At the time I remember you effectively saying, “that’s how I see it and for as long as the situation persists I’ll keep saying it, even if it isn’t exciting.” All the while I read that I thought to myself “Good, this is precisely what I want from a newsletter writer!” Reality is what it is and although it can change overnight given the appropriate exogenous (we didn’t see that coming) shock, I don’t expect it to conform to my wishes, goals, hopes or ambitions, nor do I expect it to entertain me. Please keep up the good work and all the best to you and yours.” –Steve K 2.13.11

“Gary, Happy Super Bowl day. Your market analysis using the inter-market indicators is in line with my thinking. I have been using the same indicators but did not make sense of their impact on market. You have made it very clear to me now how market risk/reward is affected looking at these indicators. Plus most of the equities in portfolio are my old favs. Specially the I am glad to be part of this group and hope to enjoy my association with NFTRH for a long time to come. Thanks for the hard work you put in to make it easy for us among jungle of speculators.” –Shyam D 2.6.11

“Thanks Gary, great issue [NFTRH122].” –Stephen M 2.6.11

“I’ve raised my cash levels waiting for the market to correct and you’re helping me stay patient which is a weakness of mine. So please keep beating me to death with your risk/reward scenarios because it helps me become a better investor.” –Garry C 1.27.11

“Hi Gary, First off, I hope you have had a great Christmas with your family!

Second thing is that I am not sure when I am due for the next year’s subscription, please let me know and the details for a Western Union transfer.

Lastly, I just wish to add that I have found your newsletter well-written, sometimes a riddle, but mostly an excellent interpretation of the markets, which has stopped me from selling and/or buying at the wrong moment. I am financially the better for your advice, thank you.

Best wishes for 2011” –Steve B 12.28.10

“Just read the Risk.. post and you are one humble dude. The analysis of the ratios and indicators you have flushed out I am pretty sure are yours. I have read a tremendous amount of shit over the last 7 years (paid and unpaid) and NOBODY is even in your league. It is about as proprietary as it gets. Keep up the excellent work and thanks for working your ass off to keep us on the right side of the trade. God Bless and continue on with the humbleness.” –Michael C 12.13.10

“Hi Gary,You’re hitting the sweet spot. I don’t know if it’s because of my successful actions based on your research I think that, or simply that you are entering the zone of excellence and balance with your newsletter difficult to describe in any other way. Either way, I know you are getting better every year. When that long expected financial tsunami overwhelms us all in ways yet unknown, at least I can say that of all the people I read for information regarding the markets, you helped me prepare by keeping me aware.

By the way, I’ll bet all of us subscribers love the alerts and none of us feels in any way micromanaged; I like being micromanaged though.

Have a great Christmas and New Year!” –Mark F 12.6.10

***Below is feedback from NFTRH’s first two years***

“Go for it Gary… you are good, a great read and you have a unique voice so count me in” –Jon A (Managing Director, International Brokerage Firm, NYC) 9/25/08

“I like your letter because it IS reputable and broad enough to provide good ideas for research and consideration… I’ll be an ongoing reader because I consider your stuff head and shoulders better than any other letter I’ve used, and there have been a few. Going through them was expensive, but a lesson in itself.” –Doug T 11/11/08

“I’m continuously amazed how you use various indicators and more importantly, how you evaluate their potential significance.” –Jurgen W 12/7/08

“Gary, I think you should know this. I subscribe to you for one simple reason. You see outside the box BETTER than most I’ve read and known, and you are good…” –Armando R 12/8/08

“I am definitely in tune with your approach. I read a lot, from a lot of different sources. You, Elliot Wave, Safehaven, Prudent Bear, Big Gold, etc. And I am trying to make sense of all of this. The bottom line is NOBODY knows what is going to happen. All you can do is look at probable outcomes and manage risk/reward, exactly like you said. That is why I subscribe to you. Not because you are a guru, but exactly because you are not one. Because nobody is, and so the honesty is very refreshing :)” –Mark B 12/10/08

“I’m enjoying your NFTRH immensely and finding it very helpful” –Ann F 12/31/08

“You’re much better by far on TA than others I know, so you’re the man in that arena… I watch the oils, currencies (including goldie) and PM miners, so we have significant overlap. Now, I need to see when it makes sense to long/short them in their inevitable rise and that would be your role! Can you say “nearing resistance” or “nearing support”??… Besides, we all need folks to suggest actions with which we may not agree so we can examine why we don’t agree since we all have that tendency to see what we want to see and pooh pooh things that don’t match our current world view. I absolutely hate it when you or Tim Wood say I am wrong as it forces me to doubt my position. I wouldn’t have it any other way!” –Ron N 1/20/09

“Notes From The Rabbit Hole (NFTRH), the weekly newsletter run by BiiWii Gary, has developed from a good read to a truly great read on all things market” – 1/25/09

“Hi Gary, Thanks for the great job you are doing! For $26.00 per month not only do you get a wealth information but the value is increased immensely by the occasional emails you send out if things take a turn.” –Doug M 1/29/09

“Completely agree. One of your best [NFTRH22]” –Lawrence L (Managing Partner, International Equity Investment Management Firm, Boston, MA) 2/28/09

“Thanks again for giving your well thought out and written perspectives!” –Robert S 3/8/09

“You’re incredible….. Such great service comes with this newsletter.” –Jerolyn J 3/30/09

“I’m canceling my xxxx xxxx subscript in order to keep yours. Might have to sell my body to keep Russell, Lol… Thanks Gary. You are really on top of this stuff. You would pooh pooh the 6th sense thing, but you are right on it. Amazing.” –Steve D 4/3/09

“Thanks Gary , I had my epiphany (seasonally timely!) this weekend…it’s inflation all the way kid…the last bubble and the final frontier. Your thinking and articulation are so very good.” –Jon A (Managing Director, International Brokerage Firm, NYC) 4/7/09

“Hi Gary, So first thanks the intriguing insights. I do enjoy your writing style and I wind up reading your newsletters 2-3 times anyway, though they are not as hard to follow as I thought.” –Mark P 4/14/09

“You had made a recommendation to buy Gold Mining stocks (back in December?) and you had said that it was a once in a life time opportunity. Well – I took your advice and made an excellent realized gain. Thank you!!! That gain certainly justifies the subscription cost. Thanks again!” –Lyling H 4/15/09

“[I’m an] economist by training, but I’ve recently learned to appreciate the psychological side of things… I can now see the value in the technical analysis (as the underlying is really mostly psychology), hence why I like the added-value provided by your newsletter!!!!” –Peter B 4/16/09

“Excellent and timely finger pointing. Tripled my subscription return on a round trip” –Ron N 5/1/09

“Hi Gary, I have now read these NFTRHs, and they are excellent reading and very informative. The only trouble I see is your claim to the “proprietary” brag-to-the-wife indicator. I have been back testing just such an indicator, and I have concluded that it is an excellent sell now indicator that I only wish I listened to more :) I look forward to next week’s.” –Steve F 5/3/09 “Your comments are refreshing and reassure me that my subscription is well placed” –6/2/09

“Excellent edition [NFTRH32] Gary” –Mark T 5/10/09

“Here’s a quote which you are free to use : ‘Thanks again Gary for the non-investment thoughts in your NFTRH newsletter . Acting on the conclusions I drew from your non-investment ideas, more very profitable trades. Double digit ideas deserve a single malt response! Enjoy!'” –Ron N 5/16/09

“Keep up the good work. It’s appreciated.” –Joe C 5/21/09

“NFTRH pulls me back to check the ‘map’ if you will. Your personal orientation….how you do things….what you’re looking at…..etc. All good stuff.” –Jerolyn J 5/21/09

“And thanks again for your great service. In my opinion you are the best all around investing letter. You come from an honest place and try to educate and make some money. You are accomplishing that. Warm regards,” –Paul K 5/25/09

“Hi Gary, just subscribed about a week ago and liking it a lot. Really opening my eyes up to some things that I’m trying to research further.” –Mark F 5/26/09

“Your comments today about the subscriber cancellation were quite refreshing. They also reinforced my reasons for subscribing to the letter. It is not that you are a better technician than I am. Nor that you are a better observer of the “human condition” (so important to trading successfully). Rather, it is your ability to distill everything you see- and feel- into concise, powerful statements. These statements force me to question my own strategy, forcing me to be a better trader. You provide a dose of reality which, I fear, I need more of each day.” –Jeff K 5/27/09

“Cheers to ya… I know you’ll keep a calm head while rabid gold bugs drool and howl at the moon.” –Scott H 5/29/09

“I live in the UK and given our property boom, debt and [quantitative] easing, I feel that we are going down the same the route as America. I currently have purchased some physical gold and within the last two weeks purchased a few gold stocks, picked mainly from Jay Taylor’s Gold & Technology newsletter. This weekend, while researching, I stumbled upon your site. I felt you talked a lot of sense and have a good grasp of the current financial crisis. It was your blog entry of May 28th, 2009, that made me sit up and think whether, I was doing the right thing by jumping in and buying gold stocks at this particular point in time.” –Paul T 6/1/09

“I really appreciate your reasonably conservative perspective on the markets and especially gold/miners. Having sold my business in 08 I spend a lot of time following the economic show and the resource markets. I’ve already learned some good stuff trading-wise from your efforts. Want (and intend) to follow the blog more closely. I’ll certainly stick around for a while. Great work Gary. Thanks,” –Bill H 6/8/09

“My pleasure Gary. Your ‘free’ blog insights have served my clients and my business well. Figured it was time to start paying you back. Really appreciate your passion, your objectivity and your work product. Cheers,” –Paul A, Registered General Securities Representative 6/10/09

“Hi Gary, Being used to typos in everything lately, even mainstream articles and commentaries, it is something that bothers few, I’m sure. But, one of the reasons I subscribe to you, is that your perfectionist qualities are admirable and reflect a concern that is rare and probably permeates everything you do. You instill trust. Thanks for the good work.” –Mark F 6/22/09

“Hi Gary, As one of the “I gotta get into the miners” at [HUI] 360 or so, I have saved myself a considerable sum of money by listening to what you have been saying. Good job!” –Steve F 6/23/09

“Good morning Gary, I haven’t dispatched a note of appreciation to you for a while; and you’re due one; hence, this… for me, this is a particularly fine edition of Notes. What I like is your ongoing reminders of themes – slow learner here – and your wonderful chart notes and commentary – helping me learn how to see – and highlights like the falling wedge to support being one of your favourite set ups – I underline and asterisk educational snippets like that. Anyway, just thanks from me. Kind regards,” –Barbara F 7/12/09

“Actually, I’d do a lifetime sub if you had it. Seriously. Keep up the great work.” –Stephen M 8/2/09

“Gary, thank you for your work. It has great value to me, always keeping me mindful of the larger market forces.” –Dennis S 8/4/09

“Gary, Just a note to say I am finding these mid week updates very very helpful. Glad you are doing this.” –David M 8/4/09

“Sir, I’ve only been a subscriber for a short period of time and already I feel I’m getting more than my money’s worth.

I don’t want someone to hold my hand and tell me what to purchase. What I need is a sharp mind explaining to me in near real time his or her thought process on how to navigate this market without idealism, hope, propaganda or blind bias.

As individual investors or traders, the only way to “win” is to empower ourselves. That only happens when we stop allowing other conflicted, biased people with agendas think for us and begin to think for ourselves

I need a shot of courage to act on my beliefs. That courage comes from someone else examining my beliefs for honesty, intelligence and common sense. Since you share my beliefs and attitudes, you provide that third party review I so desperately need.

If I don’t have someone else examine my thought process, I am prone to information bias where I seek out confirming information and ignore contrary information. A sure prescription for financial and emotional disaster if ever I saw one.

It seems you are exactly what I need. Thank you.” –Michael T 8/20/09

“Gary, Your analysis and guidance are much appreciated by me and, I suspect, by many others. No one has the answers or a window to the future. Your discipline and respect for the truth communicated only by charts is invaluable for those of us who struggle ever day with emotion.” –Dan G 9/2/09

“I have not taken the time to thank you for the wonderful commentary and profitable ideas you have presented me. So, here it is… Thank you!” –Doug M 9/16/09

“I appreciate your candor and consider these missives like today to be an extremely rare and valuable asset helping me to navigate through these wicked waters.” –Jay D 10/4/09

“Thanks again for the great analysis.” –Jason I 10/6/09

“Hi Gary, Well that was a nice way to start the subscription. The analysis of GDX is why I subscribed and your thoughts seemed to have been spot on.” –Guy P 11/3/09

“Gary, Many thanks for your updates they are really appreciated. The updates together with the newsletter help me enormously in planning my approach to investing in the markets during these turbulent times. The newsletter subscription is the best value out there.” –Paul T 12/1/09

“Hey Gary, I for one really appreciate these frequent insights into what you are thinking/feeling/doing – especially for projecting off of as a fellow market participant.” –Ray V 12/1/09

“Hi Gary, Sold AAU at $1.23. You are brilliant! My devastating losses from last year are not looking so bad anymore. Sure, I lost the profits I made, but at least my initial investment is inching back, thanks to you.” –Mark F 12/3/09

“Gary, sometimes you just nail it; this is one of those times.” –Jon A 12/20/09

“Good (Green) Morning Gary, I am sure you saw this [ news item] , just wanted to say Thanks for the intro to these ideas. You seem to have a knack for finding gems as they are ready to make a move!” –Doug M 1/11/10

“Thank You for; your writing, strength and sticktoitiveness.” –Robert E 1/13/10

“tx Gary. an affirmation for you…I really like this educational [gold stock] commentary. regards b –1/21/10

“Hi Gary, Thanks for helping me to see corrections as gifts instead of harbingers of doom” –Mark F 1/21/10

“Brilliant” –Lawrence L 2/7/10

“I want to be as direct as possible here, Please, keep up the great writing! I subscribe to Biiwii [NFTRH] because I believe you have the perceptive intelligence to see what others won’t see and the skills to place those thoughts on paper, period!” –Robert E 2/8/10

“Man you have a very good newsletter” –Leon B 2/18/10

“You have a great newsletter” –Ken C 3/17/10

“As a technician, I feel that there are few analysts that offer value for me, but you do. Your work on Gold ratios has helped my analysis greatly.” –Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT (, 4/9/10

Gary, Thanks for your updates: greatly appreciated! Since I follow you and Otto Rock, I try to combine fundamentals with technical buy and sell signals. Therefore, any educational contributions along your lines of work I try to understand and perhaps also use. So, keep it up, please!” –Jurgen W 4/26/10

“Once again, please let me say something here. You have Disciplined yourself in a way that so few can control, and then you communicate that and you do it with such feeling. Thats what I was trying to say. Great Job! Now get back to work.” –Robert E 4/30/10

“These short updates/alerts are often worth their weight in gold. Or at least the subscription fee. :>) Thank you.” Michael T 5/19/10

“Gary, I greatly appreciate your response and continue learning with/from you. Thank you very much!” –Jurgen W 5/19/10

“Gary, New England sounds just like Scotland. Keep up the good work. I was glad to find that you were a fan of Bob Hoye.” –James M 5/30/10

“Hope you are well. I enjoy reading your copy and insights.” –Fitzroy McLean / 5/31/10

“Thanks Gary, you are great for answering my questions. Have a great weekend.” –Gail K 6/4/10

“gary you really spoil your followers i really enjoy your newsletter” –Leon B 6/20/10

“Time flies… it’s been a bumpy year, but certainly smoother with your thoughts arriving in my inbox on Sundays.” –Michael H 6/21/10

“Thank you Gary. I love the way you are able to reply to your subscriber’s questions.” –Dan Q 6/21/10

“Gary, I just wanted to thank you for these updates. I’m trying to make decisions on my allocations and it helps a lot to have your extra notes during the week.

You’re the best money I spend on stock commentary:)” –Monica D 6/30/10

“I really do appreciate your insights.” –Will M 7/1/10

“Thanks for your continuing excellent blog and newsletter. I’m getting a superior education in the macro markets compared to anything else I’ve been able to find anywhere. No bitches about the riddles here – they make me think and research for myself, which is exactly what I need to do…” –Mark F 7/1/10

“[Your] TA view is well executed from a purely technical point of view (I thought I was good until I found you) and I have consistently admired the extreme discipline you exhibit in your newsletter. In fact I’m a bit jealous.

While I’m sure you don’t see yourself as “extremely” disciplined, take it from a person who studies human psychology closely, including examining myself and my weaknesses. You have remarkable discipline, which ironically can make your newsletter somewhat plain vanilla at times. I LOVE your plain vanilla BTW. :>)” –Michael T 7/21/10

“Can I refer to you as “G-Money”…because your updates are money.” –Jordan Roy-Byrne 7/27/10 (The Daily Gold)

“By the way, as President of a boutique broker in Vancouver (we work with Laramide, Strathmore and some of your other picks), I have to say your work is great. –David T

“Keep doing what you’re doing and we’ll all be better for it.” –Garry C 8/22/10

“As Always, thanks for providing an excellent service, and keep up the good work!” –Ray V 8/24/10

“Hi Gary, thanks for your prompt response and thanks for providing the NFTRH98 to finally convince me. It was great reading. I’m not quite ready yet but think I will subscribe soon.” –Peter 8/25/10

“Was just reflecting today on how much better educated and prepared I am today, thanks to NRTRH, than I was two years ago when I got crushed by holding gold stocks nearly all the way down. I only survived with my account intact because I discovered your blog in Sept ‘08, had some cash in reserve, and began buying like a maniac, per your insights, at HUI 150+. Reading your work over the past two years has given me a crash course in risk management and today I am a completely different kind of investor. I shudder to think what would have happened if I hadn’t stumbled on your blog. There’s no doubt I would have been gold bug roadkill.” –Stephen M 8/31/10

“Please don’t change your “one of a kind” style bro. That’s why we come here.” –Michael C 8/31/10

“Gary, I’m really liking and appreciating that you are giving us your comments and observations about individual stocks– the technicals, why you like them and at what price levels. I also appreciate you are telling us which stocks are core portfolio holdings. So I just wanted to thank you for that; it’s been really helpful.” –Sid A 9/10/10

“Gary, I am a long-time blog reader who just recently subscribed to NFTRH and opened an account with Tradeking. I wish this is something that I’d been able to do back when you started the letter but I first had to get my “house in order” as well as educate myself in the technical and psychological aspects of the investment world. I feel that I’m now ready for taking a more hands-on role in my investing and am confident that your insight and hard work at NFTRH will help guide the way.

Recent market action has me somewhat concerned that I may have missed the boat before the “second leg up” but, at the same time, I also know that those with patience are usually rewarded with opportunity.

Finally, I’d like to thank you for your thoughts over the years at the blog. You’re a genuine voice which long ago moved me — and I’m sure numerous other readers– to action in so many ways that the value of your words has been immeasurable.” –Tom A 9/16/10

Gary, First of all, thank you for your newsletter. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent on a “financial” letter. Your macro views and insights are as valuable as your stock analyses.” –Ken B 9/26/10

“Gary, Thanks for your TA input on Troy. I’ve carried a large position & began selling last week $3.20. Looks like I’ll get $3.40 on Wed. What a timely move by the Austr. $. Has added about .40 to the Cdn. price.

Anyway thanks for your help re call of $3.10 to $3.50. Very much appreciated.” –Joe C 10/5/10

“Hi Gary, After I read Sunday’s NFRTH, I had a couple of things that came up in my mind that I wanted to tell you. First, thank you for helping investors like me. I have money to manage but I just don’t have a knack for technical analysis. You provide a great service to your subscriber because you do have a knack and you also answer emails, [are] open to good suggestions (GDX and GDXJ), and you welcome and ask for subscribers’ feedback. Most of all – your writing has improved tremendously! I believe I have been a subscriber since late 2008 and your writing has become much more clear and articulate.

I know you have mentioned Richard Russell in the past and his impressive subscriber base. I am one of his subscribers. You know what I like about him? He is an excellent writer. He is so good that I enjoy reading his letters even though sometimes he rambles on and on non-Dow Theory matters. And you Gary – you have improved tremendously so I want to commend you! With your ability with technical analysis and communicating clearly to your subscribers – Wow!

The most important thing is- I have made money thanks to you!! J Gosh URG has been running! Thanks Gary! By the way, what I like about GDXJ because it is easy to buy and sell. The junior minors are thinly traded.

Thanks for your time and effort.” –Lyling H 11/5/10

“Hi Gary, Are you taking any profits today on any stock in particular? I don’t want to overstay my welcome just because of the wowser jump yesterday. It seems a lot of stuff is getting overbought. I canceled my subscription to XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX today. XXXXXXXX has been warning of a big correction in gold and gold stocks for so long now, he’ll eventually be right, but his forecasting has been wretched so far, and his website actually offers so much information it would take me hours each day to digest it all. You keep it simple.” –Mark F 11/5/10

During the past year I’ve made some serious coin. I’m blaming you for a large portion thereof. Seriously, thanks very much for the excellence of your weekly letter. I also have to mention what a great 1-2 punch when combined with Otto’s contributions.” –Joe C 11/19/10

“I’m only subbed to Xxxxx Xxxx’s newsletter for another week or so… frankly, I find you and Otto Rock to be a much better value for the money.” –John M 11/28/10