OT, Political Correctness Goes Too Far

With the vulgarian known as Trump about to go rear-view mirror, we are set to return to the bad old days of political hyper correctness

Please feel more than free to ignore this off-topic post.

My favorite sport is hockey, by a good margin. I am from Boston and as such I witnessed in person a low life with iron lungs booming for the entire old Boston Garden to hear “kill the n***** before he kills us!”, during breaks in play and aimed at former Buffalo Sabres player Tony McKegney, a man of African decent. It was disgusting and it was affirmation of what most of the country already knows; Boston, here in liberal Massachusetts, is/was among the most racist cities in the world.

There have been incidents of racism as recently as this year against a character kid and extremely talented prospect, K’Andre Miller of the New York Rangers who happens to be African American, and going back several years when a fan threw a banana on the ice at the Flyers’ Wayne Simmonds, a Canadian player of African decent.

Then of course there were the almost obligatory slurs on the ice from player to player, ‘homo this or your wife that…’. There was some guy on the Caps last year making fun of another player’s wife’s (girlfriend’s?) weight in a social media post. He was ejected from the league.

In the NHL and other sports it has been tradition to get under the skin of opponents any way possible. When I was growing up this shit was not only commonplace, but a part of every day life. As such, I’ve been called all sorts of things that would be branded as borderline criminal today. That’s not even getting into the hazing I took in Boy friggin’ Scouts, of all places.

And do you know what? I don’t think any of it negatively impacted me. I think it helped me realize that some people just suck (including me, sometimes) and humans are the furthest thing from divine. But none of it altered my life. It has even toughened me, if also given me a ‘fuck you’ attitude when needed (okay, it altered me). So consider the source of this post, not a flower child in the least (when I was a little kid the hippies were this strange phenomenon that I did not understand or very much like).

Anyway, I have majorly digressed and getting back on track I think that the thought police go too far when a guy has his goalie mask painted with the image of a native peoples’ Thunderbird, but the artist is not native himself. Calls on social media against this offense have resulted in an apology by Braden Holtby and spokesperson of the First Nations tending him through the rehabilitation process. People, a man commissioned another man to paint a beautiful image on his goalie mask. That was it.

What is next, if I or anyone else posting on the internet fails to properly assign ‘he, she, they, them’ to a given subject we are taken off the air?

It’s a slippery slope, is all. Who is going to make the decisions on where the lines are drawn? In Canada they have their own political correctness vs. free speech and action struggles up there. I want all people to have an equal chance to live and be treated with respect and so I can see the good intentions behind this. But in the hands of politicians, now with the US aligning with Canada on the liberal front, it’s a blunt instrument and it is going to be disgusting because politicians, especially those who may try to tell us what is right and wrong, are the last people I want to take my cues from.

Screed ends.