fades to black for the rest of the week

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I try hard to keep out of politics because when I talk about the reality TeeVee star in the White House (currently starring in a spectacular 4-day infomercial) I get feedback that is off topic to my interests, my very job. I should not instigate that. This website is the place of my business. If Biden/Harris win the election I’m sure I’ll get the same if/when I criticize them.

But this thing that is rising to the surface in America now, the murdering of black people, the disgusting out of control riots (the worst elements of which are focused upon heavily by the White House’s Ministry of Information, FOX news, instead of a “fair and balanced” view of all protesters, many of whom I believe are doing that most American of things, protesting for change, which our friends at FOX and its hard core viewers seem to forget is how America was born, along with the conquest of the native people) and even more disgusting rationalizations about the police.

And yeah, I know blue lives matter. I know that cops get killed by murderers and scumbags when trying to do their jobs. Cops matter to me a lot because in my experience a majority of cops are good and decent. They are doing their job. You try having a society without them. Without police, I’d be carrying my 9mm with me everywhere the way this society is going. I am glad to have the police, trained and doing their jobs. That training needs to be improved and some way to weed out the bad ones, the psychopaths who seek that position in society*, needs to be implemented (sort of like how those of us seeking firearm permits need to be fully vetted).

Who knows what new evidence will bubble up, but this latest shooting, of Jacob Blake, 7 damn times in the back with his kids in the car (if I understand correctly), is cause for national shame. Sports leagues, led by the NBA are shutting down games in protest. But the Republican infomercial has no place for such negativity. Well, this website is shutting down for the rest of the day, all day tomorrow and until Sunday as a show of respect to what should be good about America and as a show of disgust to what is bad (and getting worse) about America. And simply because my stomach turns at yet another (attempted) murder at a time when the country needs healing, not more pain.

I’ll continue to update the trade log and subscribers can feel free to email me as usual, although I’ll be on the road tomorrow afternoon.

* You know of course that evil often seeks out positions of authority, power and respect in order to hide in plain sight. The judge’s bench, the priesthood, the police. It’s Psych 101. It is so difficult to root out evil in a society because we’ve been trained to believe these positions are beyond reproach.