In Excess

More garage rock. What else? As is typical, I made up the song and recorded it. Then, after hearing it and thinking ‘hmmm, that guitar work is kind of excessive, especially the solo at the end’ it got its name. Then I shoved some words in there to that general theme. The words remind me of what it’s like to be a gold stock trader. … Continue reading In Excess


Back to punk this time. Don’t think I don’t know how old fashioned and dated I seem. But I’ve always liked loud rock music and that’s not likely to change as I go deeper into, err, maturity. I’ve never written a love song and never will. If I can’t even listen to them in real life why on earth would I ever try to write … Continue reading Zombie

Sunny Day

It’s Gary in a good mood on a sunny day. Why read more into it than that? I have enough of the other kind of days. I hope we get a few more sunny ones over the holiday weekend (though I’ll be working as normal on Saturday into Sunday). Song is all Strat this time. I am glad I unearthed that git fiddle. I like … Continue reading Sunny Day

Hype Train

I found this old verse, chorus, bridge thing I did as I was first trying to get comfortable on bass. Slapped some words on it last week and a title that has been reverberating in my head lately. Guitar, Bass & Voice: Gary, Drums: Sparky Garage riffs & hubcaps ยท Hype Train Continue reading Hype Train


Old school punk was new school music when I was a kid. It flipped stale stadium rock music over on its head starting with Iggy and the Stooges, the Ramones and later, the Sex Pistols, early Clash, etc., which is when I came along. I like 3-5 chords and some energy. I know, it’s really old fashioned. But old people need to entertain themselves somehow … Continue reading Jailer

Done (w/ Vocal)

Okay well, I still feel my brother in law Chris with me as I pursue my new hobby laying down riffs and even (almost) songs for fun. A thoroughly enjoyable work in progress. There is also a drummer I want to get back together with to start jamming again. Hopefully we’ll find a bass player (I’ll play guitar) or a git fiddler (I’ll play bass) … Continue reading Done (w/ Vocal)

Gone Sideways

I am not sure what the title means because I am not even sure what the words mean. I just slapped ’em in there to see what vocals would sound like with this verse/chorus riff I made up. I invented this thing right after I finished writing last Sunday. Had some tension to blow off I guess. I usually try to keep solos tempered so … Continue reading Gone Sideways