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Back to punk this time. Don’t think I don’t know how old fashioned and dated I seem. But I’ve always liked loud rock music and that’s not likely to change as I go deeper into, err, maturity. I’ve never written a love song and never will. If I can’t even listen to them in real life why on earth would I ever try to write one? So boring. Garage rock and punk baby. Not boring. Fun.

It seems my little hobby of plugging into the computer and making riffs and songs is about be augmented by actually standing with other humans and playing. I miss that. We have a drum and a bass to go with my git fiddle so far. It’s all ya need, but I would not mind a real singer and maybe another guitar. Most of the songs I wrote doing my desktop hobby need 2 fiddles.

But first things first. Got to learn some covers, learn some of my own songs (LOL, I tend to make up guitar solos and other moving parts aside from the bedrock chords, on the spot) and see if we do okay.


Guitar, bass & voice: Gary, Drums: Sparky

Have a nice weekend.



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  1. PaulP

    “I’ve always liked loud rock music”

    I went from listening to Metal when I was kid, to ‘shoegaze’ fx pedal driven music in my late teens/early 20’s to Electronica in my late 20’s to Jazz in my 30’s & now to Orchestral synth/piano & ambient based sounds.
    It seems that the older I get the less I fancy loud ‘in-you-face’ music & the more I prefer the more relaxing mellow tones.
    Age does that I suppose.

    As for you Gary, . . . . Stay Young !!
    Once you start liking Jazz it’s downhill from there *lol*

  2. PaulP

    You have posted some links on this in the past & i recall liking it.
    I also recall that does a lot of minor key stuff & uses some strange scales.
    From link above, I just listened to the very droney, moody & emotive “Zero Hour” . . . that soundscape is Really good (note the capital ‘R’).
    She is certainly a talent.
    Not everyone’s cup of Tea as its quite dark buy hey i like Dark tea.
    Lapsang Souchong anyone?

    I might just go on an Isabela-T binge for an hour or so.
    Thanks for the sound cloud link.

    I wonder what she thinks of Punk?. Ha!

    1. PaulP

      from above;
      “quite dark buy hey” . . . . should read – – – > “quite dark but hey”

    2. Gary

      When I was younger (and in range) I used to listen to Boston College radio. A show called the Widows Walk. A few others as well that played dark, ambient electronic music. Nothing would relax me as well as that music did. Now it turns out my daughter is making that kind of music and pushing some limits.

      She goes to a school that is really traditionally classical and they have had to adapt to her style, which I give them much credit for. She used to be a classical opera singer, decided she did not like it and took up composition. Like, out of nowhere. The kid is amazing.

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