Elliptical Nature

I made a song this week. I took my daughter’s advice and let the vocal be more easily heard instead of gobbing effects onto it or keeping it lower in the mix. It’s probably fairly normal for a non-singer who’s letting people hear said singing publicly to have some reservation about it. Well, I have that. But screw it; life’s too short to be afraid. Just throw the spaghetti against the wall and see if it sticks.

It’s called Elliptical Nature and it’s got Sparky drumming and Gary on voice, guitar and bass. It was fun because the solo at the end is just made up on the spot. No idea what it was going to be until it was over. I like just wigging out on the guitar and calling it a solo, rather than crafting the damn thing too much.



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  1. PaulP

    “life’s too short to be afraid”
    No way Gary, that is a cracker effort. Sounds heaps better than voice with FX all over it. (as per some of your prev. efforts)
    b.t.w., solo at the end Rocks!!

    Listen more to your Daughter

    1. Gary

      Will do, Paul. Life is a constant progression, I guess. Learning all the time.

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