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Whereby I try to make you listen to a garage rock song that is probably not to your taste with a nasally sounding singer who I am pretty sure is not to your taste. :-)


voice, guitar & bass: Gary, drums: Sparky

Other songs here.

Have a nice weekend.


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  1. Eric Liquori

    But excellent taste in electrics with that PRS in Natural.

    1. Gary

      Oh yes, the PRS (Studio) is my everything fiddle. Humbucker and single coils, nice and playable. The only issue is that the low E string slips off the fret board more than with other guitars, if I am not careful.

      This was a riff I did quite a while ago. At first the guitar was really heavy and distorted but I remastered it, taking out the drive and gain, adding some reverb and some words. It was recorded on the PRS but had I done it from scratch I’d probably use the Strat.

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