Jailer (finished)

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I had posted the incomplete song previously, but I stripped it all out except for the drum track, extended the drum track, re-did the bass and guitar tracks and also the vocal (such as it is, ha ha ha).

As part of it, I made up a few more words and created a bridge section that actually appears twice. What I like about the bridge (or whatever you want to call it)  is its different sound, which came courtesy of my Strat set between the bridge and middle (single coil) pickups. You know that Strat sound. It just cannot be found anywhere else. Anyway, I like how it jibes with the rest of the song, which is on a PRS’s humbucker.

So it’s just a moderate guitar player (at best), novice bass player and even more novice singer having some fun as usual. I really should get jamming again with actual humans, though.

First two chords are courtesy of my late brother in law. To me – with a garage and punk rock ear mind you – they are two completely powerful chords.

Guitars: Gary, Bass: Gary, Voice: Gary, Drums: Sparky