Run Chicken

I came up with this during an FOMC week when I was often not looking too closely at markets so as not to be tempted to out think myself.


  • I am no singer, but I like doing it anyway. Dog gone it, it’s fun.
  • The guitar sounds like a chicken with its head cut off and indeed, that is why it got its name and lyrics.
  • I am starting to figure out how to effectively master these files. Previous ones were automatically mastered too low by GarageBand. I’ve figured out how to override that.
  • I like the riffs I come up with on bass, but I am still a novice and the bass lines tend to be consistent all the way through with no improvisation. The song was in essence written on bass with the chicken clucking guitars added.
  • I like garage rock. That much should be obvious.
  • After it was done I listened to this thing and thought of the Meat Puppets. There was absolutely no thought of them at all when I was recording it. But it is what it is I guess. I like that band a lot.
  • Voice, bass and git fiddles: Gary. Drums: Sparky
  • Have a nice weekend.

For some reason this has been in my head this week…

Brian Eno (Dead Finks Don’t Talk):

Oh you headless chicken

Can those poor teeth take so much kicking

You’re always so charming

As you peck your way up there


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  1. adrian noordam

    Run, Run :)

  2. PaulP

    “I am no singer, but I like doing it anyway”

    Well neither was Joe Cocker & nor were any of those 90’s Seattle Grunge singers but as long as they sang in key they all sounded ok.
    You’re in key (somewhat) so you sound ok as well.
    I like it.

    Of course, you’ll never rival Plácido Domingo in singing but saying that, Domingo will never rival you in market analysis/trading. I doubt he would know the difference between a moving average & 50% retracement . . . could be wrong though

    Everyone has their calling in life. ;-)

    1. Gary

      I hear the little veers off key but I keep ’em because I want it to be done in as few takes as possible. This one was one take with the lyrics just made up pretty much on the spot. They are really just demos for would-be band to flesh out with a singer and arrangement.

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