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Old school punk was new school music when I was a kid. It flipped stale stadium rock music over on its head starting with Iggy and the Stooges, the Ramones and later, the Sex Pistols, early Clash, etc., which is when I came along. I like 3-5 chords and some energy.

I know, it’s really old fashioned. But old people need to entertain themselves somehow and for me this is how. So it’s fun to play simple rave up rock with other people. As a listener, my daughters educate me. Most recently with the Trip Hoppy likes of Massive Attack and Zero 7. Cool how that music centers on the bass, which I am still learning.

But there’s always a place in my book for a buzz sawing guitar. This is a riff I did last year and this week slapped another guitar track on it and my whiny vocals (no judgement, Gary!). I slapped on some lyrics, which probably revolve around an amalgam of a couple old girlfriends.

Guitar, bass & vocal: Gary, Drums: Sparky

Have a nice Memorial Day weekend.