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  • have never written and probably never will write a love song.
  • like the blues, but almost never play them because – not to sound racist – I don’t like the white man’s blues or rhythm & blues. I like the old blues, slow and heavy. It sounds highly opinionated, but talking Delta, Chicago (I saw Little Ed and the Imperials once and it blew my mind). No boogie woogie or any such thing. I am not a person with the slightest hint of boogie woogie in me, whatever that is. Fuck that.
  • am an opinionated person.
  • can’t sing.
  • like to sing.
  • think that in garage rock, American garage rock, there is glory.
  • don’t like love songs. Exception maybe a tragic or deeply forlorn or heartfelt love song. But not happy idiot love songs.
  • don’t like party songs and usually don’t like happy songs (unless they’ve got a killer hook).
  • am opinionated.
  • am a negatively grounded person.
  • love the whining squawk of a Wah pedal.


Just another thing that burped up this week. I’d like to dedicate the title to the stock market.

Voice, guitar and bass: Gary, Drums: Sparky

Have a nice weekend.

[edit] Ha ha ha, reader Robert sends along this video as if to taunt. Commentary from the person who posted it…

Hey, if you like authentic blues… you should check out Blues Hammer! I love this scene from Terry Zwigoff’s “Ghost World”. It captures the phenomenon I like to call “Lawyer Blues”. I have known a bunch of these bands. They are always upper middleclass white guys with lots of expensive equipment. The reason they can afford this equipment is because of their job at a law firm, insurance brokerage, or tech company. Their spirit guide is Joe Bonamassa, or Stevie Ray Vaughn or both. The apex of this is “JD and the Straight Shot” fronted and financed by the owner of Madison Square Garden and the NY Knicks, James Dolan. Like man, if you want some authentic blues you gotta’ check out this billionaire trust fund kid.

Jesus, these fake blues guys are gross. James effing Dolan, prime example. Thought I was the only one with an issue with this white man’s boogie woogie blues crap.



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  1. jim bailey

    enjoyed your post – saw Buddy Guy 84 a cpl months ago great show!

    1. Gary

      I saw Buddy Guy myself, eons ago!

      Memorable moments for me were when Little Ed just enveloped the room with a heavy, slow blues that felt so right. Another was outside a bar in Cambridge where J.B. Hutto was playing. We couldn’t get in but the blues just poured out the door onto the street and it was almost like being baptized.

      That kind of stuff comes from inside the people playing it.

      1. jim bailey

        sure does Saw Howlin Wolf at Big Dukes he was drinkin whiskey from a water glass mid afternoon in Chicago in 1971

        1. Gary


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