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Okay well, I still feel my brother in law Chris with me as I pursue my new hobby laying down riffs and even (almost) songs for fun. A thoroughly enjoyable work in progress.

There is also a drummer I want to get back together with to start jamming again. Hopefully we’ll find a bass player (I’ll play guitar) or a git fiddler (I’ll play bass) and we can have some fun.

Next weekend I am loading 2 drummers into my car (they were each in the former band) and we are going to visit Chris’s widow Lisa, who wants to give me one of his bass guitars. I am speechless.

I learned so much from him. My bro. My late bro. I wish time could rewind and previous situations could be made the most of. But that’s not the way it works, is it? We just move forward. That’s what rational humans do; they move forward and they try to learn and improve.

Anyway, this song ‘Done’ was never recorded by us. We only jammed it a few times and left it on the cutting room floor. It was the first musical contribution I ever made to the band and as noted when I posted an unarranged, vocal-less version of it previously, I barely even knew what I was doing at the time. Gotta love it.

Today I took Chris’s lyrics from our previously un-recorded and rarely played sensitive song (it was a high energy band, after all) and scrunched most of them into the unarrangement. :-) Don’t judge the vocal. I am a beginner bass player *, only a moderate guitar player and not a singer. But I really like doing this.

Guitars, Bass & Vocal: Gary, Drums: Sparky, Spirit: Chris

* I auditioned on bass with a real band in Boston in April and fully expect them to select a more experienced player (but that took balls, I am glad I did it and it was fun).


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