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Rather than watch the market over the last hour of the day (my work was complete) I recorded an un-arranged version of a song I wrote the music for in 2008, before I even really knew what I was doing.

We played it when we jammed but never recorded or even played it in front of people I guess  because it was either too wimpy or out of character with the band’s more up tempo focus. My late bro (in law) Chris never wanted to put people to sleep.

It’s called Done. Attached are the lyrics that Chris wrote for it. He matched sad lyrics to what I think is a sad tune. I’d call it sort of over-sensitive pretty boy rock. Funny thing is I always preferred playing the fast rock/punk stuff. The heavier the better said I. But when I wrote things they seemed to come out pretty and downbeat for some reason.

Anyway, I am DONE for the day… and this is dedicated to my brother who I miss.