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I just spent a big chunk of the day (after NFTRH 743 was posted) trying to find an acceptable new theme for the website (you may have noticed a few strange looks earlier as I fiddled around). The theme is the thing you manipulate to give the look and feel you want.

The one currently in operation is okay, very basic, which I actually like. But the share buttons on the left of posts (on desktops, they shoot to the bottom as I would like them to be, on mobile devices) serve to make the posts too thin. So I’m trying out themes to improve that.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to print a post to paper or PDF you can use the ‘Print’ button to do so. It will print in a good, wide format. But I’m still going to work on finding a new theme.

Amid all of this, I finally decided to look into the site’s speed issues and did some trimming and clipping of unnecessary plugins, especially the utter HOG known as the scrolling Twitter widget that was on the right side bar. I’ve done speed and performance tests and found mediocrity at best for both desktop and mobile performance… until I removed that garbage script producing turd from the little blue bird on the right side bar!

Here is the new graphic that replaced the script spewing offender. It’s still on the right side bar and you can just click it and go to that bastion of lunacy and get influenced by Kim Kardashian, Tom Brady and your gold influencer of choice, not to mention access my Twitter feed.

As to the site’s performance… Now? Speed baby! Performance. Desktop and mobile are rating quite well and I am all psyched up about it. Yeah, I need to get out more, I guess. But it’s exciting to ponder a problem and solve it. Now if I can just get the perfect theme installed and operating as I’d like, well, where ever you can find some joy in life…