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Oil’s Seasonal Pattern

I was entertaining the idea of adding USO or some other crude oil related exposure this morning due to the chart of WTIC, per NFTRH 569's Commodities segment. The gap…

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Mega Oil Knee Jerk

It may well have some lasting effect since it was a substantial attack with real supply implications. But you are now being called to action by the headlines, told which…

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Crude Oil Hype Abounds

While the hype is aiding my position in Russia (ERUS) it is hype nonetheless. As for gold, well... that didn't last long. Of course that should be no surprise. You…

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Precarious Energy Sector

For me - and NFTRH in general - Energy has been an 'avoid' all year. Currently, XLE is on a daily chart breakdown that it tried and failed to remedy…

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