NFT… arrrr h

NOTES FROM THE rabbit hole…NFTrh The NFT part is all that matters. Not the words “notes from the”, implying information delivered from somewhere. Not “rabbit hole”, implying that somewhere is a pretty different, even weird place. You see, with my antiquated notions of sound market management, which includes investment and/or speculation in real assets, including real monetary value (gold), equities of real companies doing real … Continue reading NFT… arrrr h

up in smoke

It’s the Signs of the Times… Man

[edit] How to get the most rapid fire likes on a post you’ve ever gotten at Stocktwits? Why, simply insert a pic of a girl at the beach in her underwear. Extra likes if she’s toking on a bong. Aside from omnipresent robo-content (i.e. sponsored ads disguised as content through sleavy outfits like Outbrained, Taboola, etc.) like the “reclusive millionaire” who nailed every great call … Continue reading It’s the Signs of the Times… Man

Bitcoin: Which Thing Looks like the Other Thing?

Thing 1 is the chart of Bitcoin vs. USD over the last year. Thing 2 is the graph of public searches at Google about Bitcoin over the last year. A bubble is not known as a bubble until the public is fully abreast of the situation. All the heavily promoted gurus are aligned in their proper positions. The public is on board, from the anecdotal … Continue reading Bitcoin: Which Thing Looks like the Other Thing?

Whack-a-Mole (Japanese Nikkei is the Latest Bubble)

Excerpted from Notes From the Rabbit Hole #240, dated May 26, 2013. Alan Greenspan gave them the playbook (Credit & Debt Manipulation 101) and now Ben Bernanke and global inflators everywhere have taken the ball and run with it in new, innovative and levered up ways.  Actually it’s a game of Whack-a-Mole and they play it well, these inflating moles.  The minute you think you’re … Continue reading Whack-a-Mole (Japanese Nikkei is the Latest Bubble)