Oh Man, Reddit Clown Show Hits Pot Stocks [w/ 2 edits]

Pot gets the Reddit treatment Cannabis stocks crater as sector rally screeches to a halt I took a partial profit on the PLNHF spike yesterday and while I was at it I did the same with TCNNF. They were in the IRA and begging for profit-taking. But I had no clue that the Reddit clown show was on the sector (Tilray is down a whopping … Continue reading Oh Man, Reddit Clown Show Hits Pot Stocks [w/ 2 edits]

Oh Man, It’s Too Easy (Planet 13 Edition)

Planet 13 explodes after purchase The title’s statement is not made with any sort of bravado whatsoever. Quite the contrary. Per a Feb. 2nd Trade Log entry.. Bought back formerly held PLNHF, which has hopefully digested its latest financing on the consolidation to just below the SMA 50. I had taken a big profit previously, not liking what I viewed as chronic bought deal financing. But … Continue reading Oh Man, It’s Too Easy (Planet 13 Edition)

up in smoke

Potheads Sell the News

Canada went full frontally legal last Wednesday and the day before they ramped the Pot sector and began dumping it into the news. They are still selling it. I dwelled a bit with CVSI before selling it on Friday because its chart had held up nicely. But as the sector began groaning I had to make a decision, and it was not a particularly easy … Continue reading Potheads Sell the News

up in smoke

It’s the Signs of the Times… Man

[edit] How to get the most rapid fire likes on a post you’ve ever gotten at Stocktwits? Why, simply insert a pic of a girl at the beach in her underwear. Extra likes if she’s toking on a bong. Aside from omnipresent robo-content (i.e. sponsored ads disguised as content through sleavy outfits like Outbrained, Taboola, etc.) like the “reclusive millionaire” who nailed every great call … Continue reading It’s the Signs of the Times… Man

Captain Obvious: Wanna See a Bubble?

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