It’s the Signs of the Times… Man

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[edit] How to get the most rapid fire likes on a post you’ve ever gotten at Stocktwits? Why, simply insert a pic of a girl at the beach in her underwear. Extra likes if she’s toking on a bong.

Aside from omnipresent robo-content (i.e. sponsored ads disguised as content through sleavy outfits like Outbrained, Taboola, etc.) like the “reclusive millionaire” who nailed every great call in history (AKA the marketing creation known as Stansberry)…

…a quick browse through today’s financial media wasteland yielded this…

Ha ha ha. Blockchain… although I am watching it to see if it may get a secondary pump after the Pot heads are set ablaze.

To give credit where it’s due, this morning’s reading also yielded this from TheStreet…

How Violent Will the Tilray Stock Crash Be?

Which is pretty ironic as the article notes that yesterday’s big pump was due to the Tilray CEO being on Cramer’s Mad Money. Cramer is or was a guy, right?

Why, over at Stocktwits one adrenaline user is even aping Cramer’s goofy “booyah” thing. What the fuck is that, anyway? Booyah.

Anyway, I feel old. I am old, actually. I remember this from 1999 ( bubble). I remember it from 2006 and the original Uranium bug (what was his name? Oh yeah, Dines). I remember it from 2007 (oil to infinity per barrel – cue Hubbert, Pickens, Martenson and the peak oil mass media campaign). I even remember it from 2011 (silver to 100).

Most recently, I remember it from what seems like 5 minutes ago when Bitcoin and Blockchain technology were going to change the system as the kids sweep we old bastards into the dustbin of history.

I realize now that it’s just another bunch of new kids on the block with our friendly troubadours on Wall Street leading them on. Same as it always was. When I was younger, I was completely hooked, lined and sinkered about internet infrastructure – like DWDM and content management software – that would never crash like the obvious bubble was going to. Ehhh… wrong.

As far as the Pot craze (which I am still active in w/ CVSI after taking profit on GWPH yesterday) goes, maybe the bubble will burst when they find the right scum merchant to be the “expert” face of the promotion.

And when Doug Casey makes the scene (…man). He did after all once recommend investing in the Asteroid sector, ha ha ha. In the video the “currency expert who predicted” this, that and so many other things manages to tie in a new hallucination called FedCoin. But ole’ Doug is of a different era, still waiting for that Asteroid to come in. So the Pot promo will need a newer face.

Tommy Chong or Cheech Marin would be the obvious experts. But a) I like them and b) they are… O.L.D.

Hmmm, who will step forward as Taboola’s new robo-content poster boy or girl? If it’s the latter, I hope she’s hot. After looking at that fucking Altucher mug all over the internet last year we could use a visual break. I nominate this young lady from Instagram. The Hottest Cannabis Girls on Instagram. Oh yeah, it’s a bubble!

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