Interesting WSJ article on US Federal Cannabis legalization

Cannabis Overhaul in Washington is Only Getting Harder Article is a month old, but still very relevant. When politicians are involved, it can only be complicated. Interestingly, this has nothing to do with partisan politics, it has everything to do with who stands to benefit and who could be impaired by Federal legalization. As a Cannabis sector investor – nursing several small positions (that got … Continue reading Interesting WSJ article on US Federal Cannabis legalization

Oh Man…

Pot stocks bubbling What do I do about this, Man? It’s now a real sector with real growth. I took a big (and non-taxable) profit on my original one, Planet 13 (PLNHF), and yesterday added a related company (CBD, Hemp) that appears to have bottomed. Thus far sitting on my hands has worked best. But when the general stock bubble pricks, I expect the Pot … Continue reading Oh Man…

up in smoke

Pot Bubble Intact

NFTRH has its own bubble segment, called Global Cannabis Sector and that is not because I like chasing bubbles, but because it’s a big social change event with many implications, economic and otherwise. But it is a bubble, just as the internet and many aspects of tech were bubbles before they tanked and went on to change the world. So for now we just track … Continue reading Pot Bubble Intact

up in smoke

It’s the Signs of the Times… Man

[edit] How to get the most rapid fire likes on a post you’ve ever gotten at Stocktwits? Why, simply insert a pic of a girl at the beach in her underwear. Extra likes if she’s toking on a bong. Aside from omnipresent robo-content (i.e. sponsored ads disguised as content through sleavy outfits like Outbrained, Taboola, etc.) like the “reclusive millionaire” who nailed every great call … Continue reading It’s the Signs of the Times… Man