Cool Elections, MAN…

Well, as the presidential election noise fades (and it will) we are left with progress in Pot legalization and some stocks that are firm in the aftermath.

These are my holdings, and taken on balance, the group is very profitable in my portfolios. I am not thinking of taking those profits at this time. Of course they are not recos, but they are what I hold and the disclaimer is that I am not a stock analyst. I am a man who stares at charts, does light DD and considers the views of smart people when I am able to find them.

CRLBF, Cresco Labs…


CURLF, Curaleaf…


GWPH, GW Pharmaceuticals (loosely related to the Pot sector)…


HRVSF, Harvest Health, a laggard not scheduled to be profitable as soon as others but a beneficiary of the AZ vote.


PLNHF, Planet 13, the dispensary with the coolest name and a ‘superstore’ game plan.


TCNNF, Trulieve, a FLA based dispensary.


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