jerome powell press conference on rate hikes

A jawbone of a different kind

Powell cheers the stock market with words of a softening stance Or at least that is how markets are interpreting the smaller rate hikes to come. Problem is, we already knew that December was very likely to see .5% hike, not the .75% that markets have become accustomed to. Click image to get article (which I have not read because… why would I need to?). … Continue reading A jawbone of a different kind

Trey Reik on monetary policy & gold: A Call to Arms

Trey was an NFTRH subscriber back when he was a research analyst at Sprott, and has since gone on to form or at least become a major part of the Bristol Group, based here in MA. That was how I got to know him (by email, at least). I should actually meet him some day as he’s down the Cape and I am west of … Continue reading Trey Reik on monetary policy & gold: A Call to Arms

Blame the Evil Empire

A subscriber asked my thoughts on this article at Zero Hedge. The Fed Has Monetized All Treasury Issuance In 2020 From the article… “We are ruined if we do not overrule the principles that the more we owe, the more prosperous we shall be”  – Thomas Jefferson There is no more subversive entity in the US, more destructive, more inflammatory yet out of the spotlight … Continue reading Blame the Evil Empire

COVID-19, the Exogenous Event That Became an Economic Event

Dow futures rise as China pledges to stimulate coronavirus-hit businesses China is again taking economic action as the market awaits the Fed Minutes this afternoon. The market has been mostly trending upward but has also been attuned to developments related to coronavirus and the potential for slowing global economic growth due to disruptions to trade and travel caused by COVID-1, the infectious disease that originated … Continue reading COVID-19, the Exogenous Event That Became an Economic Event

“Yield Curve Control”?

“There is nothing wrong with your television set [market signaling]. Do not attempt to adjust the picture [ratios, indicators, free market inputs]. We are controlling transmission [of the signals you receive]. If we wish to make it louder [more bullish], we will bring up the volume [bond market manipulation]. If we wish to make it [the economy] softer, we will tune it to a whisper … Continue reading “Yield Curve Control”?

Monetary Metals on Keynes, Inflation and Evil Itself

Since NFTRH 543 was also known as the ‘What if… Inflation?’ report, I was attuned to the subject; and on cue here comes Keith Weiner with a knockout punch. Keynes Was a Vicious Bastard, Report He goes off on the evil (and I do mean evil) genius, John Maynard Keynes before moving on to his usual gold and silver supply/demand fundamental report. He gave us the … Continue reading Monetary Metals on Keynes, Inflation and Evil Itself

Barometers to the Everything Bubble

Anthony Sanders has one of his short and entertaining posts (the Fed is a 97 lb. weakling, you know) about the Everything Bubble (@Biiwii)… Mother Of All Bubbles (MOAB) And Endless Monetary Stimulus When you see a chart like this you (well I, anyway) have trouble with all that conventional analysis out there about the stock market like P/E ratios, P/S ratios and forward expectations due … Continue reading Barometers to the Everything Bubble


Fed Rate Hikes, Fiscal vs. Monetary Policy and Why Again the Case for Gold?

I’ve been thinking about the current Fed Funds rate hike cycle, which is logically gaining forward momentum now that the Fed can stand down from its 8-year, ultra-lenient monetary policy cycle.  That is because the Obama administration’s goals required a compliant Federal Reserve to continually re-liquefy the economy as its fiscal policies drained it. With the coming of Trump mania and its very different fiscal … Continue reading Fed Rate Hikes, Fiscal vs. Monetary Policy and Why Again the Case for Gold?

QE; the Beat Goes On

The BoE, in battling the fallout from Brexit (a decelerating economy), has dropped rates to .25%.  Bond markets cheer, with US yields dropping (bonds up) and global bonds rising.  From… There is talk of QE, lower bounds and supposed policy limitations.  But what it is is just one mole in the global game of Whack-a-Mole, popping its head up. Here in the US, we … Continue reading QE; the Beat Goes On

Kur Uh Oh Dahh

BoJ stands pat, surprising substance addicted markets and JPY/USD slams higher. This after we have noted the trend change in USD/JPY since early in the year. Other currencies vs. USD are following this road map as a USD-centric ‘inflation trade’ continues to look viable considering that the Fed rolled over again yesterday.* * They re-jiggered a few words in the statement and the media parsed … Continue reading Kur Uh Oh Dahh