NFTRH; A Look at the Miner Bounce (GDX, GDXJ & SIL Daily Charts)

A technical update using daily charts for those micro managing the daily moves and shorter-term trends.  Fundamentally, I like that the stock market and crude oil have reversed downward today, but one in-day reversal there does not change recent fundamental discussion just yet.  But it is reflective of what would need to be happening on a sustained basis for me to get aggressively bullish the gold sector.


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Gold, Silver & USDJPY

Gold bugs especially should be watching Yen and USD.  The trend is against Uncle Buck and with the Yen and if that holds up we could be looking toward the…

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Yen Breakdown?

The Yen index has dropped below the 50 day averages for the first time since January, but has not made a lower low.  So it remains in an uptrend, but…

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NFTRH 397 Out Now

Our doggie (Spike) back from his adventure, it was time to settle in and write a good, comprehensive report on the financial markets.  So I did; 40 clear and actionable…

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i Robot

A reader emailed me this article from Mike Shedlock.  Whenever I read articles on manufacturing written by financial types I prepare for the worst (cue the legions of suits and…

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Gold Ratio Charts

Gold vs. Commodities is still intact, but Gold-Oil has nearly been cut in half from its highs (I think oil is over baked, but...).  That is a building fundamental pressure…

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It Feels Like Inflation

Last night's post on the US stock market ended as follows: "As far as the Fed and its puny rate hikes are concerned, that is irrelevant.  This market is flipping…

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It's not rocket science.  This market is going bullish.  Whether it is a short and final push higher or a big break of consolidation, the market chose to break out…

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NFTRH; Miner Support Levels Reviewed

GDX has hit the first level of support we had defined as the 50 day moving averages.  This after the breakdown from the daily bear flags we noted a couple days ago.  The next support, should the correction go deeper, is the 50% Fib retrace, gap fill and lateral support cluster at 19-20.  These are the straight up daily technicals with no fundamental discussion clouding the issue.


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Dow Breaking Trend Line

The Dow had been the worst of the major US indexes on the short-term view (NDX led to the downside but formed a 'W' pattern as noted yesterday).  Now the…

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SEMI Book-to-Bill… Wow

Any questions?  SEMI's April Book-to-Bill... Very much in line with the AMAT quarterly Chirp, SEMI notes 3D NAND as a driver, along with China.  The implications, folks, are going to…

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Thing 2: Gold and Silver Weekly Charts

The Fundamentals are Thing 1 and the technicals are Thing 2. Some aspects of Thing 1 became positive as early as 2014, when gold began out performing virtually all commodities. …

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