ISM continues to decelerate

The September ISM shows manufacturing continuing to weaken Of course, this is a forward looking economic indicator, so why would our friends at the inflation-fighting Federal Reserve take it or other signs of deceleration and waning inflation into account? Why, when they have some nice, fat, backward-looking data like CPI? But I digress. You can click the image to get a nice visual of decelerating … Continue reading ISM continues to decelerate


April ISM and the forward economic view

ISM hints at forward deceleration Uncle Buck As a former manufacturing guy I am well aware of how monetary policy and the state of the US dollar affects US manufacturers. But I have not been that guy for so long now that I tend not to look at it as closely anymore. But the current time seems appropriate for a review of the manufacturing sector. … Continue reading April ISM and the forward economic view

A Decidedly Different Look at the ISM Report on Business

ISM’s Report on Business (RoB) blisters upward, but… My former residence within the real economy was right here, in the manufacturing base. I don’t miss it even one little bit, but were I still involved we’d be booming and bitching. Business would be very good and prices and supply constraints very aggravating. The way things went in my segment – Medical Equipment, often pressured by … Continue reading A Decidedly Different Look at the ISM Report on Business

fanuc robots

More Robots, Fewer Jobs

Bloomberg has an article out this morning showing the economic zones where the Robotics industry is taking jobs away from humans. More Robots, Fewer Jobs This is a fact of modern economic life and it is one reason why Donald Trump’s promises to America’s rust belt workers will go largely unfulfilled. Ref. Protection Will Lead to Great Prosperity. Robots and automation will shift the economy … Continue reading More Robots, Fewer Jobs

i Robot

A reader emailed me this article from Mike Shedlock.  Whenever I read articles on manufacturing written by financial types I prepare for the worst (cue the legions of suits and polished fancy shoes that never saw a factory floor, pumping 3D Printers a couple years ago), but Mish plays it pretty straight and simply outlines the fierce competition among large shoe manufacturers to go Robo. … Continue reading i Robot

A 3D Printer Hype Revival [w/ edit]

[edit] Ha ha ha, MarketWatch has substituted this headline for the one linked lower on the page, re-writing the whole damned article but keeping the link.  Goofy.  Maybe a couple of suits actually read this website, eh?  Hey guys (and ladies), you know I just have fun with this stuff.  Many NFTRH subscribers are said “suits” and I respect the hell out of them too.  ;-)

3D Systems’ stock downgraded after ‘excessive’ rally

In a recent white paper, however, Ark Invest analyst Tasha Keeney predicted that the tide would start to change in 2016 as new industrial applications for the technology were uncovered.

“Similar to other disruptive innovations, 3D printing experienced a period of hype ‘before its time’ and has gone through a period of restructuring,” said Keeney. “While 2015 was a turbulent year for 3D-printing companies and their stocks, the long-term prospects are intact and profound.”

Well Tasha, maybe investors in the right companies can make a buck in the right companies, but industrial applications are not going to keep up with competition and cost pressures.  It’ll be great for buyers of the technology, but not for investors in most of these companies.

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On February 25, 2014 with DDD stock price at $76/share I, a former manufacturing guy, wrote this article…

Continue reading “A 3D Printer Hype Revival [w/ edit]”

On Japan, Robotics, Machine Tools & Manufacturing

A while back we noted that machine tool sales were continuing to fade and that there was alarming news from my boots on the ground source in the industry centered on Japanese builder Mori Seiki. Machine Tools Fading In NFTRH we had been following Machine Tool and Robotics builder Fanuc since Q4 of last year, with the idea being that Japanese exporters could get a … Continue reading On Japan, Robotics, Machine Tools & Manufacturing

Machine Tool Sales Data Continue to Degrade

EDA has compiled US Machine Tool sales data for January and it was not good at all.  This is the leading edge of manufacturing and it is trending lower. ‘But it declines every January after the near-automatic December sales spike’ one might implore.  To which I’d answer yes that is true, but December’s sales of new equipment was nearly 600 units off from 2013. ‘But … Continue reading Machine Tool Sales Data Continue to Degrade

December Machine Tool Data, Not Good

I have been awaiting the December Machine Tool sales data from EDA, assuming we’d get another year-end ramp up (especially with IMTS this past September), like clockwork.  Well, the clock broke. This is very relevant economic material and we’ll of course discuss it and other economic forward lookers in NFTRH 329. Subscribe to NFTRH Premium for your 25-35 page weekly report, interim updates (including Key … Continue reading December Machine Tool Data, Not Good