NFTRH 397 Segment, Thankfully Removed!


spike.pngWe have a crisis on the home front this weekend as our dog has gone missing. He’s such a good boy but he suffers anxiety and when he hears thunder or even the slightest sound of munitions from a military base off in the distance, he loses it and heads for the hills. He thinks that these angry gods of thunder are coming from his own yard and if he can just get out of here… we usually catch him in time.

Well this time he got out of here and we are trying to cover the town and surrounding areas to find him. He’s becoming elderly, has got bad limbs and we are very worried. NFTRH will have to take a bit of a back seat this weekend. From here on I’ll need to streamline it, but I’ll try to be as clear as possible about where the markets are at, as per the opening segment. Meanwhile, #397 is being written while trying to manage an extensive search.

Thank you for your understanding (and thoughts, hopes, wishes or prayers).

I just picked him up safe, sound and none the worse for wear.  Woo hoo!!