As the summer inflation cool-down continues…

The anticipated cool-down in previously rising inflation signals is in full effect Preamble This is a post by human Gary, not market analysis provider Gary. It’s a free website with no ads, no nuthin’ that I ask of you. So you are free to either put up with this type of post once in a while or turn me off. Whatever works for you, really. … Continue reading As the summer inflation cool-down continues…

RG and Me

With RG’s permission to reproduce… This is a post that many readers will probably find unvarnished, if not crude or repugnant. In the newsletter world we are supposed to be varnished, appealing to as many people as possible. Almost like politicians. We are supposed to make an art of neutrality and lack of controversy. We are supposed to sell you newsletters and to do that … Continue reading RG and Me

Jeremy Grantham; Buy What He is Selling… [w/ edit]

The bubble is “intellectually exciting and terrifying at the same time” [edit] Based on an email response I should clarify. All I am asking anyone to “buy” from Jeremy is his grounded view about bubbles, risk management and psychology based on his experience.  I have my indicators by which I think I can view the coming of the end. I “think” I can. But that … Continue reading Jeremy Grantham; Buy What He is Selling… [w/ edit]

Down the Rabbit Hole [w/ edit]

[edit] A very worthwhile thread on Twitter per a response to this post. It’s disclaimer time once again. I am a recovering borderline prepper. Not a Unibomber shack dweller, but I did the wood stoves for alternative heating, the long-term food stuffs for alternative eating, the generator, the clean water access (a well), the organic gardening, the handgun. The gold. I did these things around … Continue reading Down the Rabbit Hole [w/ edit]

“Expert who called the 2008 crisis”…

Compliments of the MSM come a slew of headlines to whipsaw you with this morning. You can click the graphic to get all the details if you’d like. The media are only too happy to increase your noise level EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Amid the ECONOMIES REOPENING!! hype there is the obligatory ‘Bond King’ stuff (meet the new Bond King, same as the old Bond King, … Continue reading “Expert who called the 2008 crisis”…

Nooooo… Team!

A little detour into the ideology of ideological neutrality from this week’s edition of Notes From the Rabbit Hole, NFTRH 547, before it kicked in to the important stuff going on in US and global asset markets. Nooooo… Team! Gooooo… TEAM!! Rah rah sis boom bah! As is evidenced by political associations, religion and even demographic choices (insofar as one has a choice) most people … Continue reading Nooooo… Team!

I Want to be a Machine: A Conversation With an ‘Algo’

The ‘Algo’ in the title being subscriber ‘DT’, who in a previous life was a successful business person and in his current life uses Algorithmic trading strategies to get positive results.  From DT to me at the end of an email inquiring as to why I do not amp up my trading by using more involved strategies, like pairing options with open equity positions… “Funny … Continue reading I Want to be a Machine: A Conversation With an ‘Algo’


Politics, Psychology and Investing

There are 3 Things in the title.  Thing 2 is a big key to managing markets and being successful at Thing 3.  Thing 1, while a consideration to the extent that it affects policy and structural macro issues, can get people all screwed up with respect to Thing 2, thereby hurting their chances with Thing 3.  As noted in an article last April, it is … Continue reading Politics, Psychology and Investing

Gold: A Value Proposition (reprint)

A reprint of an article from our old ‘’ site… A Value Proposition  (November 3, 2007) As the rot in Wall Street’s dark alleys works its way from the inside out, from the seediest hedge funds’ leveraged ‘investment’ vehicles to Main Street’s financial institutions (pensions, 401K’s, savings, etc.) gold has taken center stage, closing above $800 for the first time in its still young bull … Continue reading Gold: A Value Proposition (reprint)