“Expert who called the 2008 crisis”…

Compliments of the MSM come a slew of headlines to whipsaw you with this morning. You can click the graphic to get all the details if you’d like. The media are only too happy to increase your noise level EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Amid the ECONOMIES REOPENING!! hype there is the obligatory ‘Bond King’ stuff (meet the new Bond King, same as the old Bond King, i.e. wrong… a lot) to transfix you. Click ole’ T-Rex hands here, get article about whatever predictions he is maybe 50% likely to get right this time.

In 2018 BOND KING the GREATER (Gross), BOND KING the LESSER (Gundlach) and other financial media rock stars aligned bearish the long bond. In response we reviewed a chart of the 30yr yield (Continuum), some sentiment data (herds actually believing these clowns) and simply asked…

Bond Bears Next to Get Clobbered?

Answer? Err, that would be yes.

October 18, 2018: So the Continuum above is breaking out in-month. Maybe this time it’ll be different. I don’t control the markets; I just read their signals. But then again, maybe this time it won’t be different. After all, where might all that formerly stock bull-convicted money go if the stock market does not stop soiling itself? Gold? Why not? The traditional risk ‘off’ sanctuary, Treasury bonds? Well, everybody knows they are bearish and folks, that’s the point. All I’d ask is that we give it some time before sounding the BOND BEAR!!! alarm.

And so today we have another “expert” weighing in (on equities) as the Dow is up another 349 points in pre-market as I write. This expert is Raoul Pal, he “who predicted the 2008 financial crisis”. He is a former hedge fund manager at Goldman Sachs. Who gives a flying fuck what he predicted? I predicted the 2008 crisis too. So maybe did you. So did a lot of people. Enough with this “man who predicted” crap. MSM: harvest really naive eyeballs and process them. Next! That’s what the big media does.

Expert who called the 2008 crisis says the signal to sell stocks is coming soon

Let me ask you something. Was he ever saying to buy stocks? I see the guy on Twitter. I think I follow him. I have not seen one single bullish thing come out of his Twitter account or his video promos. Now, I could be wrong because I mostly interact with Twitter automatically, by sending my posts up there. So I am not usually hanging around. I may have missed the part where contrarian Raoul sounded a bullish tone (when it was appropriate to do so back in mid-March) and now he is rightly advising caution.

But it is more likely that he has been a one-note bear caller and is still promo’ing the case he has been promo’ing all along. The bearish case. And guess what, when the next leg of the crisis hits HE WILL HAVE PREDICTED IT… AGAIN!

Yeah, read and take seriously the mainstream financial news and its “experts”. That’ll work well.

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