Bad Day / Good Day

Bad Day

  • You are in the grips of a head and chest cold that really put a damper on your sunny personality *, turning you into an ogre at the first instance of adversity. Yet through the haze, you use your skills as best you can to try to have perspective and realize the world turns.
  • You write an article that you feel is well done and viable in its forward view. That view is negative for some time out on the horizon. You no sooner publish the article and the sector you focused on does exactly the opposite of your theme. You feel like a dope but then a little voice tries to reassure you that the market does this to everybody at one time or another. Nah, it’s okay to feel stupid sometimes. Keeps you humble.
  • You go to bed, head pounding and hacking and proceed to have the most unsettling, creepy and hopeless dreams imaginable. Fever dreams I think they call them, although I don’t think I have a fever (all this whining over a cold?).
  • Your other special needs pet, the little guy in this photo in front of his big special needs brother is the pet you love more than any other you’ve ever had in your life. Seriously, I am nuts about the little fucker (that is what I affectionately call him around the house).


He has had kidney issues since he was a little kitten and when he is not at his favorite spot on my shoulder, he lays around the house in this hilarious position. I love that little fucker, formal tux and all.

Anyway, the other night he was laying that way all night and crying sometimes. He could not do anything else. A kidney stone blocked his urethra and he was trying to find comfort. I took him to the hospital and long story short, I won’t even tell you the cost of his procedure and surgery but you might well gasp and think me insane if you knew.

Good Day

  • This one. It can’t get any worse! Seriously, part of being a successful human is in having the perspective to know that everybody has bad days and you just gotta fix your attitude and keep on keepin’ on. That goes double for the markets.

* Trick wording, I never have a sunny personality. Wouldn’t want to either.