My inbox will not be intimidated, I tell you

The scary stuff that comes in can make the fear palpable for Gary the human. There are smart people and lunatics alike (I will not link them but you may know who they are and may or may not agree about the descriptor I’ve applied to them) out on the internet telling us just how bad it is, in both the spreading contagion and in the financial markets. Throw in the deflationists who’ve waited forever and a day for this day and well, it sucks right now.

But my job, as a public poster of market things here and especially as a writer of market things in NFTRH reports and updates, is to remain cold and uncaring in service to the financial markets. That is my job. It is not to hold peoples’ hands, scare people and rile up their emotions or inject hyperbole. My job is to tell what I see through a market lens, right or wrong.

So when I receive information that scares Gary the human, I then call upon Gary the rational and cold technician and market manager to do what needs to be done. Call it a defensive mechanism amid the terror if you want, but I consider my job more important now than at any time since I launched NFTRH because if it were easy then anybody could do it. Many try, but it’s not easy to do right, especially when human emotion is practically begging that you join the cacophony and start play-by-play calling a given crisis. After all man, don’t you SEE what’s going on out there!!!???

Well, yeah. That’s the point. I see it, I factor it and as long as there is a financial market, I manage it. It’s almost too simple. Ice water is needed in your veins.

I get everything from how dangerous and devastating the COVID-19 epidemic is to the stuff on the right about how the vast transcontinental liberal Euro-Democrat conspiracy has resorted to unleashing a pandemic upon the world because it’s the only post-impeachment way to remove Trump, by crippling the economy. So what’s a few million deaths in service to putting some decrepit old has-been Bernie-less Democrat party back in power? I tune you all out. You will not influence me because I am a market manager, not a reactionary to ghost stories.

Look, I was a semi-survivalist lunatic myself many years ago (as noted in this post) and am glad at times like this that I was. So I don’t discount disaster. I also don’t necessarily discount conspiracy. I have known this damn society has been living in a dream world for decades. But for that reason I am steeled against painful knowledge that many of my fellows have never really seemed to get (e.g. ‘go Pats!’ as if that is really of utmost importance in the real world) and am prepared to manage this thing calmly.

I also don’t happen to think this is an Armageddon-like disaster from a purely medical standpoint. It is a disaster from a human standpoint because humans are dying, humans are under great stress (lets forget for a moment those complete assholes spreading their spring break revelry all over the country) and humans are working their asses off to try to arrest the contagion.

It is a disaster economically but for someone who does what I do for a living that is not a bad thing because life will go on, radically altered though it will be, and we will all have to throw previous assumptions out the window. A new story is being written right now, in real time.

Anyway, my inbox will continue to receive what yours is likely receiving as well. But it will not be intimidated, I tell you.

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