“Cheap China”

According to Callum Thomas… Trump has helped make China A-share valuations great again (cheap again). Back on January 23rd I posted publicly a couple of NFTRH+ ideas that had been available for subscribers’ consideration in the preceding weeks. I had been doggedly holding AABA an SINA (since sold at a loss in favor of better technical opportunities) with no real technical chart indications but then … Continue reading “Cheap China”

A Tweet, a Jawbone, a Policy Notice or… ?

There is way too much going on out there for a blogger to try to summarize without sounding like a goddamn sports announcing play-by-play caller. Oil this, Huawei that, Trump the other thing… but here is one other thing that does matter. The consumer is still driving services while industry eases. Thing 1 (consumer-driven services) is among the most laggard economic indicators out there. Meanwhile, … Continue reading A Tweet, a Jawbone, a Policy Notice or… ?

A Bull in a China Shop

Following is the opening segment of this week’s edition of Notes From the Rabbit Hole, NFTRH 504. For months now we have been tracking a divergence in the key cyclical Semiconductor Equipment segment (I am short AMAT & LRCX <<<edit, 6.20.18: profits taken on these shorts, evaluate reentry later>>>) to the broader Semi sector (ref. the most recent article from May 18th here) and this … Continue reading A Bull in a China Shop

“Trade War”

It has in the past been “the financial crisis”, “the Euro crisis”, “Greek debt”, “Italian banks”, “the fiscal cliff”, “Brexit” and so on. Every one of those events an extension of Keynesianism and its debt-leveraged monetary magic tricks. But now the buzz phrase is “trade war”, a different kind of animal. The brewing trade war with China is different. With every damn one of the … Continue reading “Trade War”

Market Notes

Stock Markets

Interesting developments in the markets this morning.  Apparently momentum-fueled markets are getting knocked down by some hype from China pertaining to authorities allowing shorting of Chinese stocks.  That is not fundamental to anything, but it is a shot across the bow to over confident bullish momentum players the world over.  In true momo fashion, they are knee jerk selling in response.

Continue reading “Market Notes”

China in Pictures

China, in a few pictures (courtesy of TradingEconomics.com): China GDP Annual Growth (through 2014)… China GDP Annual Growth trend projection… China Producer Prices… China Interest Rate… China Loan Growth.. China Stock Market (SSE Comp)… The end… Subscribe to NFTRH Premium for your 25-35 page weekly report, interim updates (including Key ETF charts) and NFTRH+ chart and trade ideas or the free eLetter for an introduction … Continue reading China in Pictures