A Little Advice Amid the Turmoil

Let the stock market’s technicals be your guide amid the volatility. Don’t let the media rattle you as this lunatic with a fetish for the 1970s does his thing.

SPX has been grinding its SMA 200 while the Dow tapped its SMA 200 and NDX has not even touched its SMA 200 since mid-2016. If lower lows come about (and SPX fills the 2460 gap we’ve had on radar for 2 months now) then so be it, a downtrend would be established and aggressive shorting* would be warranted on the subsequent bounce (which NFTRH would manage with great pleasure) to key parameters.


* I am short but nowhere near aggressively short because the daily technicals have not yet guided that way, and I for one am committed to following rules. Also, safe cash equivalents like T Bills (now paying actual income) are the #1 thing, even in a bear market. Not shorting.

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