Gold miners watch the “last inflated man standing” start to fail

As we step toward a counter-cyclical macro, the fundamentals will finally improve for gold mining From a June 19th interview I did with with Jordan Roy Byrne with respect to gold stocks, Energy and the proper macro fundamentals for the gold mining sector: In my experience gold stocks will… they can paint ugly charts and then follow through on those ugly charts. But when a … Continue reading Gold miners watch the “last inflated man standing” start to fail

NFTRH+; a very clear setup

It’s the final stages of the originally planned summer rally window from July potentially into September. It is the final stages because the current plan will either play out with a bear market failure or the plan will be proven wrong if the bulls are able to break the bear’s downtrend. As already noted, speaking as a perhaps over-thinking human, I feel like the bear … Continue reading NFTRH+; a very clear setup

copper price

Doctor Copper’s prescription enclosed…

Doctor Copper’s scrip: “The economy is starting to gear down due to the reduction of the very cyclical inflationary forces that had stimulated the patient previously. If you feel a sudden loss of balance, as if a carpet were being pulled out from under your feet that will be the inflation trades you’ve stood resolutely upon continuing from a normal correction to an erosion of … Continue reading Doctor Copper’s prescription enclosed…

Stocks fell into a bear market on Friday!

Stocks enter a bear market! Stocks enter a bear market based on some arbitrary percentage that lazy media assign to it. So, like 19% was okay? No dear MSfN, stocks were indicated to have entered a bear market (of some kind) back in February when the weekly chart of SPX crossed its moving averages down (red arrow) and failed to climb above either of them … Continue reading Stocks fell into a bear market on Friday!