Macro Tourist on US/China

I like the way Kevin Muir writes. I like the pictures he uses with the funny captions, and I like the things he writes because these things betray a thinking person; always looking around the next bend.

Today, see The Most Dangerous Setup

Kevin delves pretty deeply in the US/China situation and comes away with an altered view of the US stock market and an interesting view of China’s long-term goals vs. the US administration’s short-term goals.

The US and Chinese stock market trends have implied to the herds that Trump’s old fashioned “art of the deal” style is winning… duh.

With typical Canadian humility he notes how Canadians are probably not happy with Trump’s treatment but will go along with it and deal. But China is a different animal; an animal that will save face per its cultural mores and its supreme leadership in it for life, as opposed to US leadership in it for the election cycle.

Believe me, I hate communism and support strict term limits here at home but in this regard, where Mr. Xi has time and Trump and the Republicans don’t, it makes sense to ponder who is playing the long game and who is playing a short one.

Anyway, check out Kevin’s article. It’s a good one.

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